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Should We Feed Hungry Children, or the War Machine?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/05/should-we-feed-hungry-children-or-war-machine


You must support the War Machine! Spending on the war machine helps to produce hungry Children and without hungry Children to feed how could an individual show how good he or she is when they offer to help?

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Amerika’s subsidized jobs program – the “defense” department.

Nothing creates jobs like burning people alive or blasting them to shards of bone — unless it’s building another useless F-35 or nuclear missile-armed submarine.

Reduce “defense” spending? How could you?! Starve off those executives from their Kobe steaks, $500 bottles of wine and sex trafficked frolics? Tsk. Tsk. /snark


Should We Feed Hungry Children, or the War Machine?

The War Machine, like Global Warming, droughts, fires, Ebola, etc. are manifestations of nature killing off our overpopulation like proverbial lemmings. It took nature a long time to build a beautiful, diverse planet and it never lets any one species destroy it.

“What if, instead of military interventions, the US decided to fight global poverty?”

Most of us agree that the cause of poverty is Empire, Capitalism, Monarchy, Fascism, Hegemony, authoritarianism, conservatism, theocracy, or whatever we call an oligarchy.

If we could take the money from the war machine, why would we give it to the government to spread around? Governments are a tool of oligarchy. Perhaps that’s why we the people don’t get what we want.

Why not give the money from the War Machine directly to all the citizens equally? That would be an UBI like “the world has never seen”. And who knows what to do with their money better than the people themselves? I could go further, but I’ll leave it there.

Direct Liquid Democracy


Should we feed hungry children or the war machine? Conservatives already have an answer to that “We should feed hungry children to the war machine.”


Any country that can afford to give it’s richest 1-2 trillion dollars over ten years, can feed hungry children as well for the same ten years.


All this, and we haven’t “won” a war since 1945. Fun fact: The US military spends $440 million annually on 137 musical bands, more than three times the allocation for the National Endowment for the Arts:



Feed the children of course…but we may not have the time to do the right thing any longer…and besides: The War Machine makes very good livings for a great many Americans…who, we hope, do feed their children…so unless you can figure out a way to feed the hungry children and keep defence folk’s children from joining them…

Armageddon is sexier.

What would love do ?

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Yes ,our collective love has not been allowed to be the guiding principle.