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Should We Fight a War on White Terrorism?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/22/should-we-fight-war-white-terrorism

The “War on Terror” was an historically idiotic idea. I suppose the intent was to give the president (using the word loosely here) war powers and establish the idea of a global war confined to no theaters of operation. Again, a massively stupid notion, particularly for a country with virtually unlimited firepower and leaders with notoriously poor judgement.

It should always have been about law enforcement. Instead, framing it as a war gave power hungry politicians and military leaders all the weapons they needed to blast gaping holes in the constitution and really crank up the already apparent slide into fascism. Trump is just the cherry on top.

In reference to the article’s premise, right wing extremism in this country has always been met with token enforcement and a wink and a nod, largely because our government and law enforcement agencies have been partially populated with people sympathetic to, if not actively involved in, right wing extremism from the very beginning. Meanwhile, any sign of unrest from the left, even peaceful civil disobedience, is met with a swift and extreme reaction from all levels law enforcement.


The intent was to blow up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and to keep the military-industrial complex solvent after the implosion of the Soviet Union. Otherwise agreed.


I am going to guess people saw this 15 year old kid getting arrested for hate speech. Sounds like there is a gun in the house—but the reporting did not state what kind of gun. So what happens to this kid ??? Why isn’t there a reaction from people in the community and not the police-----and why not have the kid do something that opens his eyes a little.

As a colonial enterprise, America has always been a fascist country. We just aimed it at blacks and browns, and only whites that proposed doing something about the bosses.

I’m all for this as long as it includes a war on the U.S.'s MIC, the biggest purveyor of terrorism in the world.

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Soooo…if we’re talking about white guys shooting up gun free zones (which is what I hear everybody referring too), it’s always a terrible thing that should never happen of course and doing something effective and reasonable about is not a bad thing. If you happen to be there with a gun please feel free to put a big gaping bleeding hole in their liver with my permission. But…the total number of victims since 1982 (the timeline the mother jones report uses) is less than the total number of people struck by lightning during the same time period (about 51 per year). Terrible? Yes. Worth spending a significant percentage of our yearly national budget on? Mmmmmm…maybe not. Not only this, but of the 115 incidents recorded by mother jones only 56% of these shooters are white while whites make up 70% of the population. Please don’t go breaking out male vs female because the percentage of male to female in each ethnic subgroup of our population is pretty much the same. So the statistics make it appear that whites are responsible for LESS than their “fair share” of mass shootings.
If you’re intensely worried about it I suggest avoiding the gun free zone as over 90% of these incidents take place there… It’s been a common theme that nutbag shooters study other shootings to try to get famous with big body counts. This is the reason they prefer the gun free zone and the reason for the 3 body county and up statistic level (used to be 4) NOT including the gunman. In cases where the body count is 2 or less there is a higher percentage of “good guy with a gun” intervention like Klakamas mall shooting where the shooter was confronted with a concealed carry (the guy didn’t fire as there were background issues but apparently it was enough to take the “predator” edge off the nutbag) and the next person the shooter took out was himself.

Anyway, my conclusion, gun free zones are pretty much the exclusive and favored target rich shooting grounds for nutbag shooters, more people are killed by lightning than in mass shootings, and whites are NOT responsible for more than their fair share. Not only that, but there isn’t an organization like ISIS rushing forward to take credit for inspiring these activities so it’s not really organized “terrorism”. It’s just crazy people being nuts. It’s a least possible that the defunding of our mental health infrastructure some 30-40 years ago and shutting down hundreds of mental institutions might just have something to do with it. Especially considering our violent mentally ill are cycled through our prisons where they get a nice training course on how to be worse. I think it’s like 60% of people in prison are mentally ill and their rectivism rate is very high also. Anyway, war on white terror? Mmmm…maybe not. Seems like maybe we should work on the mental health end and not assume the best way to deal with the abuse of freedom by an insane individual is to take away that freedom from everybody else.

On the mental health end, can we start with Trump, please?

Look, They are admitting that they are and have intended to be a Terrorist organization. They need to be treated as such

Fighting, Wasting money… and Killing. Don’t forget the Killing.

The most infuriating thing about these groups, where ever they go the police protect them and arrest the opposition. The video in the link you provide has the Portland mayor complaining about them, while his police protect them. Allow the anti’s to beat the dogshit out of them a few times, and they wont be back. They’re not bad asses, most of them I’ve seen wouldn’t know what a bad ass was if they were bitten by one.

We have to be very careful in labeling these or any groups as “terrorists” inside the US. This labeling will only increase the surveillance and intelligence groups and their capabilities throughout the country, not a good thing IMHO.