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Should You Be Afraid of the Fascists in Your Community?

I disagree heartily. Being a conservative, as defined in common usage today ABSOLUTELY makes one a full blown torch carrying racist. Wake up Tulsi - how can you not see that? The news makes it clear every single day… stop excusing it.

I have only spent a few longish trips in interior Alaska over the years but what I learned mirrors what you say. But Alaskans seem to have a more healthy respect for differences and on the whole maybe not as prone to hate. I might even call them smarter than the average bear. Here in PA we have whole huge counties here ( looking at you Elk) where it’s all racist all the time. They are still driving people of color out of these counties… they don’t call the interior Pennsyltucky for nothing. They are Very ignorant and Very not chill…

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Fascism is the most virulent form of finance capitalism – not another economic theory. When enough of the population reject their scam, the mask is dropped and the brutal dictatorship of corporate power becomes inescapably obvious. That is what fascism is. When Trump calls for his armed thug base to initiate civil war, he is threatening outright fascism. The mask of the beast is increasing transparent.

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Welcome fellow Alaskan, resident to one of the best progressive sites on the net. If Trump is Impeached I can see all hell breaking loose!

When people learn how hard it can be to just survive, they tend to learn more respect for nature and all who are alive in it. For those who have had near death experiences it can be close to a wonderful miracle to just be alive.

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I do understand your point, so we can argue connotation v. denotation.

Though technically I’m registered Republican, I should be Independent or Libertarian. That said, racism runs in humans INDEPENDENT of party affiliation. I have friends and acquaintances who don’t even vote but are racist.

I know Democrats who are racist. I understand your point, but do not find it compelling or persuasive.

Perhaps you are correct that fascism is not just another economic theory, but a virulent form of finance capitalism, but in the context of your post it doesn’t really matter because “enough of the population” is not even aware of the finer points of the terms we discuss.

More, the population is so thoroughly brainwashed that they do as commanded. I suppose that if progressives suddenly won every office in the country things might change, but I don’t see that happening.

We have been in a fascist state for quite a few years now. That is, for many years the various corporations write the laws that “regulate” them. The many corporations basically control what laws are written and what policies shall be followed. They control what we see and hear in the media. Yes, it’s bad.

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If you are not a Rethuglican then don’t sign up with them. How disingenuous of you really. Signing up on their ‘team’ means you cavort with racists. Anyone can be racist of course. It’s why I am an independent affiliated with no party. People who are independents are not a ‘team’.

Look for them in your local evangelical church. Westboro Baptist is just the dorsal fin of the shark.

You brought up the word ‘team’ sir, not I. So describing me as being on ‘their’ team sounds a bit desperate, if you’re trying to offer an appeal to reason.

I clarified in the previous post that I am independent, as you claim to be.

You come across as more than disingenuous. You come across as rather a hypocrite.

Don’t look now, but you and I might be on the same ‘team’ of independent thinkers. You the angry one, I not so much.

On its best day politics is a very dirty business.

Feel free to fight with yourself. You obviously have a problem and I am not showing up for some amorphous fight you clearly want and need to get your jollies… I am sure someone else here can accommodate you in that respect. I have better things to do.