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Should You Be Worried About the New COVID Strains?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/30/should-you-be-worried-about-new-covid-strains


1.) Pandemics, famine and war- this is how populations are controlled and reduced when they get too large.2.) Gain of Function…this is how viruses gain new capabilities in a very short time. Increase in infectivity is a GOF…there are many genetic labs throughout the world, we have developed strong genetic engineering technology. We are very skilled at transferring new capabilities via genetic transfer, very good at it… 3.) Jet Planes…a wonderful technology that travels the skies of the world delivering all sorts of cargo. 4.) Focused minds can do all sorts of deeds. for good and for ill… a Dark Winter approaches…

Impressive summary, which I endorse 100%. Tsipursky’s presentation of the stats looking worrisome is practically conclusive. (This is a current link to an OWID chart Tsipursky shares, constantly updated):


UK has now overtaken USA in per-capita new cases.

Hospital systems in California, Texas, and other states are already overwhelmed. The terrible March outbreak in New York City will seem like a summer shower compared to the upcoming tsunami that will flood our medical systems. Moreover, the surge will undoubtedly cause major supply shortages and hammer industries such as travel and hospitality.

OWID also thoroughly tracks hospitalizations, which keep looking worse, as Tsipursky foresees:


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My answer to that title question-Hell, Yes! We have New Year’s festivities with mass, maskless gatherings. Two major storms with more in the pipeline that will force people indoors for long periods of time. People are tired of all the restrictions. We have zero self-capacity for power-with-others; we’ve been socialized to look for saviors outside of ourselves. And there are lots of potential tyrants out there just waiting to fill that vacuum.
This is the winter of our discontent, with no guarantee of better conditions come spring and summer…


just to point out --the birth rate far exceeds the death rate from all causes placed together( the real end of the world scenario with mass human die offs is coming in a few short decades from the lack of listening to the science practiced by almost all our political so called ‚Äúleaders‚ÄĚ around climate collapse and the part fossil fuels play in that collapse )‚Äďwhat we should be worried about is when(not if) the virus mutates to be more deadly to go with it‚Äôs increased ease of infection --as we have no actual plan that could stop the spread , have populations so ignorant that they reject science(as they are trained to do by their political leaders), and large non compliant populations‚Äďwe are in deep doo doo


Humans think that they can control things with technology & science…This is most true in a closed system, maybe…but when one deals with the Earth and Nature with feedback systems and live organisms, humanity is playing with fire…,

  1. Genetic Engineering: ‚Ķ while it is very true that many viruses do jump species and very true that they are very intelligent in evading host defenses‚Ķhumans have many genetic research labs globally both civilian and government ‚Äúdefense-offensive‚ÄĚ research stations‚Ķ Humans are good at designing in new capabilities‚Ķand those with money have many agendas‚Ķ one should not rule out the Covid being changed & ‚Äúoptimized‚ÄĚ for not-so-good intentions‚Ķ
  2. GeoEngineering or Climate Engineering is another one of those technologies, like genetic engineering that have plausible denial‚Ķ since WW II, the US and other countries have been developing these weather warfare technologies‚Ķ climate engineering technologies‚Ķand other such technologies that once the horse is out of the barn things have a way of escalating on their own‚Ķespecially with Earth‚Äôs natural feedback systems‚Ķlike methane release, that things can quickly get out of control‚Ķ one rich one cannot simply move elsewhere like to New Zealand or elsewhere to avoid what is coming‚Ķ no bunker is deep enough nor island far enough to escape what one‚Äôs money has purchased‚Ķ best that you devote your resources to assist with what is happening for your and your children‚Äôs future‚Ķ as the vaccine developers and Fauci have said we are in for a ‚ÄúDark Winter‚Ä̂Ķoh yes and don‚Äôt forget the prediction Fauci made a few years back that a pandemic would happen during the Trump presidency, ‚Ķimagine that, surprised,‚Ķlook into it‚Ķ

Did anyone else catch this last recommendation in the article?

‚ÄúBy taking all of these steps early, you will have a major competitive advantage, so get ready to use the consequences of this competitive advantage to seize market share from your competitors who fail to prepare‚ÄĚ

Sounds like Disaster Capitalism run amok! This is a pandemic. The priority should be treating the sick and keeping the population protected from the virus, not making a profit. A pandemic is not a time for emphasizing business opportunities any more than a burning building full of people should be a moment to start selling them fire extinguishers!


As a survivor of several hurricanes and major tropical storms I recommend putting up your shutters (your masks), staying out of the weather (the mall, etc.) as much as you can as to not impede the first responders, stock up on non-perishable foods knowing you might not always have power, help your neighbors (masks in place for all), and most of all, have flexible plans knowing that you are not in charge but can do the best that you can to prepare.


There was an interesting video up I saw a few weeks back as to how it has been suggested that the Bubonic Plague which struck Europe in 546 there about was the result of Climate change which occured when Krakatoa erupted some years before. This lead to such much dust put into the atmosphere that the Earth cooled and drought and famines occurred. The plague originated in Africa but high temperatures in that region had kept it from spreading from rats to humans. When the temperatures even in Africa dropped the virus was able to jump from the rat to the flea and then to humans when the flea fed on humans.

We may not have to worry as much about new COVID strains as about new diseases and pandemics entirely. All manner of bacteria and virus strains are likely frozen in the permafrost, now melting.


Life in the Duopoly, Neoliberal America

‚ÄúThose of Us Who Don‚Äôt Die Are Going to Quit‚ÄĚ: A Crush of Patients, Dwindling Supplies and the Nurse Who Lost Hope

Almost a year into the pandemic, supply shortages remain so severe that nurse Kristen Cline reuses her N95 for several shifts while her hospital buckles, patients suffer and folks nearby socialize maskless as if the pandemic were already over.


Why We Ignore Slow-Moving Train Wrecks ??
Because both Parties embrace the philosophy of ‚ÄėKick the can down the road‚Äô when it comes to doing anything for the bottom 75% today, or Future generations of the 99%

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