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Shouting #StoptheFCC, Net Neutrality Defenders Target Lawmakers and Verizon Nationwide


Shouting #StoptheFCC, Net Neutrality Defenders Target Lawmakers and Verizon Nationwide

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Demonstrators gathered outside congressional offices and more than 700 Verizon stores nationwide to protest FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's plan to turn over control of the internet to major corporations

Verizon FCC protest


Folks, the fascists have control and they don’t listen to any stinkin’ protests…PERIOD! We have NO VOICE! Nay-saying? Sure. But prove me wrong…

Speaking of protests: The U.S. terrorist groups are killing people all over the world. WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE PROTESTS???!!! Case closed. “We the People” have been mercilessly silenced, therefore: defeated.


The sheep in the USA are asking to be slaughtered with their stupidity and silence.


B-I-N-G-O!!! But how can you wake the sleeping giant geezer? THAT answer could change all the horse shit that keeps pouring down on the heads that those asleep create for ALL of us!


To bring about change protests will simply have to become more expressive. I mean really, really much more expressive. You get the hint…


Yep. Just like the sheep got slaughtered in Nazi Germany!


Since the FCC is an independent agency of the federal government pressure on Congress will not affect outcomes by this regulatory agency. The only way to have influence is if you have an interest in the big ISP’s that are now in the spotlight. Money to buy lobbyists, lots of shares of Comcast or Verizon, that’s how influence rigs the ‘system’ controlled by fascist corporations. In other words now that the supreme tool Ajit Pai has been appointed and in power of the FCC , we’re all screwed, screwed by a corrupt system controlled by powerful businesses with the only thing that matters; the bottom line. Perhaps changing ISP’s or dropping cable in a massive boycott could help, but I doubt it. Monopolies are in control now and we’re powerless to do anything as democracy has been mocked in the most blatant way possible by a system that makes a mockery of its people.


Sounds like a ready-made opportunity to build a broad, populist anti-corporate movement. One that could help awaken folks who think only in terms of left/right dichotomy to perhaps begin to understand the big picture and to transcend/ break out of the limitations of those labels.

Yet I don’t see any evidence of that happening. To make that happen, it would require that many of the groups currently sounding the alarm rise above narrow agendas - to seize the opportunity, to reach out to those automatically stereotyped as Trump-supporters, etc.

The demonstrations would ideally be accompanied by pledges to drop/boycott targeted service providers; though this may be too late now to affect the FCC vote.


Trouble is, we that can see whats happening are powerless to stop it as I’m sure there were a few good Germans powerless to stop the Nazi death machine last century.


Yes, when you live in fascism you are powerless unless millions refuse to accept what Amerika has been doing in our names, but alas, so many brainwashed citizens, keeps us marginalized. I guess this is what it must have felt like, to the “bad” Germans in the 1930’s in Nazi Germany.


I called my provider to threaten total boycott, said I would go to use library’s … It would be a GOOD idea for people to phone Verizon, Comcast etc. To complain and threaten boycott and to follow through if necessary, now!!


Nice thought but you can’t reach the selective deaf.


Having witnessed it many times, I never doubt the effectiveness of such contacts. Unfortunately, right now I don’t have any of the id’d service providers. But you inspire me to contact the ones I do to urge them to weigh in on our side.


Net neutrality is fundamental to fair communication over public airways. Allowing companies to purchase favored access merely makes commerce more expensive for everyone. We went through this with telephone providers and ended up with a neutral process that worked fairly.
We should separate the network providers from the source providers. The network providers must provide service options to everyone.


Verizon is panicked!

Verizon does not lead into the information-age with new products at lower cost.

Verizon seeks to throttle a youthful future and yoke it to being a cash cow for tired yesterdays.

bds verizon


It’s no wonder the American people are the way they are. The media has been systematically consolidated and corrupted. There is little hope that “we the people” can remain informed.


I weep for our fair country tis of thee. She is now under the yolk of men who have utterly lost the capacity to feel shame. Agit Pai lobbied for Horizon, yet was put on the FCC, and his expected bias raised not an eyebrow among Republicans. He then ignored the overwhelming and expressed sentiment of millions of Americans, and proceeded to kill off internet freedom of expression. Have they no shame?

No. Avarice certainly, but no shame. Surely we cannot sit by and let money be the be-all and end-all in this America, to lose her on our watch.


How to re-frame the Net Neutrality debate

The ISPs are common carriers. It’s time to reframe the debate and remind the FCC of the limits of their authority.


This is merely a big money grab and should be stopped by all the companies and people who are going to pay for the Internet suppliers slowing down the Internet unless you pay more. Communication should not be limited by how much you pay. What is a free and open society.