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Shoving Donald Trump Out the Oval Office Door

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/27/shoving-donald-trump-out-oval-office-door


“Reality” con Don has to face REALITY. Sucks to be him. Cue up the gif of Jon Stewart crunching popcorn. Fuckface von Clownstick rides again. Thank you Jon for sanity, America loves you!

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My understanding is that Winship cut his teeth as Moyers’ protégé out at PBS. Kids these days may not even remember old pre-9/11 days, when PBS seemed to offer slight pushback to the corportate pablum from other broadcasters, in the person of folks like Bill Moyers, whom I find interesting.

I’m still getting accustomed to Winship, and I may not ever get there, so long as he keeps issuing WTF bromides such as “It’s going to take a long time to restore faith in the republic.” As if the two of us are on completely separate wavelengths! I totally don’t get it, really can’t understand the first thing about this “faith in the republic” business – unless Winship is being drily ironic. It doesn’t sound like he’s joking, though tomfoolery is the only defensible context in which to deploy such a silly phrase.

I check in, from time to time, on the off-chance Winship has ventured to drop by the planet I inhabit.

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Aleph: Winship is fairly useless, I find. Proteges are rarely as good as their mentors. For some reason CD feels that it has to stuff their space with filler – Jesse Jackson and Ruth Coniff are others who have nothing to say except Democratic Party pabulum and, as you point out, conventional civic nationalism. Although I dislike the Communist Party nostalgia you sometimes see at Jacobin, their pieces are more in-depth and I learn something. Chris Hedges is the only columnist here who consistently forces me to broaden my thinking.


Once in a blue moon they publish Dave Lindorff. I don’t know what the problem might be with picking up his columns more frequently. There isn’t exactly an overabundance of old pros of his caliber around anymore, imho. They keep transitioning, too soon.


Yes, it was amazing that mainstream media like the Philadelphia Enquirer actually retained him and Will Bunch. In the old days, Anthony and Flora Lewis wrote for the NY Times, and the old NY Post had Mary McGrory and Jimmy Wechsler, whose hearts were in the right place even if they were not as trenchant as Lindorff, Hedges or Bunch. The consolidation of the media, thanks to Reagan and Clinton, were devastating.


Incidentally, you might enjoy Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins. I sure did. Though she had her tragic side, too: the misunderstood genius, like her fellow Texan Janis Joplin.


Aleph: Ah yes. Molly Ivins, a wonderful soul.

Another question. Do you honestly think that humans will be able to avert a collapse? As you may have guessed, I don’t have a generally high opinion of the capabilities of Homo sapiens sapiens. Evolution could not have selected for a capacity for reacting to the possibility of medium- or long term threats such as climate change. Humans have a problem with collective action on a scale bigger than, at most, the nation state. There are individual people who are wise, but they seem to be a tiny minority. People seem to be conformists as a rule, because they fear ostracism and loss of protection. They are extremely oriented to and defensive of relative status.

Now, I recognize that post-Depression Scandinavia and some other places seem to indicate that there is a glimmer of hope for human collective learning, but those cases may be exceptional owing to the small sizes of those countries, the absence of military budgets, and, until recently, homogeneous populations. Now we see real xenophobic mass movements in Scandinavia with the onset of mass immigration, so they turn out not to be so different.

So what is your view of the prospects?

At noon on 1.20.21 Trump becomes a trespasser on Federal Property in a high security location.

The larger problem will be, if he actually shows up for the ceremony, will be keeping him and the other members of the Fascist Party in attendance under control, and to keep Biden/Harris safe in their presence.

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Lindorff is not published as much because he not part of the DNC establishment which Winship most definitely is. Lindorrf is an independent commentator. Winship is always trying to sell the Democratic party as the source of all that is good.


2020 teaches us that prognostication is for the foolhardy – so my humble opinion gets more humble all the time! I’m yearning for solidarity not just with humans, but with Life on Earth. From that latter perspective, we struggle to minimize harm whatever the prospects might be for our own species.

If that sounds like I’m dodging your question, I could say I think Homo sapsap is totally fucked, but that my opinion doesn’t even matter much to me, so it shouldn’t mean anything to anyone else.


Trump is peddling voter fraud claims to "mil[k]…supporters for cash - which also “serve[s]” to “undermin[e] the incoming Biden administration” and “so[w] skepticism about the validity of elections and American democracy. Trump is ‘exploiting paranoia and fueling division,’ a Mother Jones writer asserts.”

Yaas…but…the Democratic Party’s refusal to represent the views of majorities of US citizens also “sow[s] skepticism about the validity of elections and American democracy,” as well as skepticism about the corporate media which does, predominantly, represent the views of the right liberal Democratic machine.

That is the ability of right wing populists to fleece the Republican electorate is due to low approval ratings of both government and media that Democrats as much as Republicans are to blame for.

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Hi Phred_Pharkel:
Trump will decide that NO ONE is going to tell him what to do. He’ll race into the White House bunker—shut the door and accidentally lock himself in AND he will have taken the only KEY so no one could drag him out. But he didn’t realize where that key was—ever again
He misses the Inauguration-----but no one misses him. Months later, someone decides to use the bunker----but it’s filled wth an awful smell—so they call an exterminator. He sees a Halloween skeleton on the floor and figured that was the last party there. He picks up the bones along with the piles of rotting and moldy hamburgers----then uses his special sauce that exterminators use to defeat bad smells. And in 24 hours , things are as good as new----although, the nation pretty much figured that Trump had run off to another country so he wouldn’t go to jail. Minus his hair , of course, as no one would recognize him then!

It ended all right for Melania and Baron, because they got Trump’s presidential retirement money to live on And after a few weeks all the Trump kids got new names and the men shaved their heads and the women gave up being blond… and they all moved away—somewhere.
AND best of all, the government took over the Trump properties which were in deep debt—and they made homeless shelters for all the Americans and for all the immigrants—and so finally America began to heal-----but the memory of that other heel never left them and American finally became a much nicer nation where Black lives mattered as well as Indigenous lives, Latinx and Asian lives too. And yes white people who got all upset with Black Lives Matter-----White people mattered too—so maybe it’s time to treat All the People FAIRLY.???
America became a healthy nation again, where in the words of a long ago immigrant, America really was a “melting pot,” for all the nations. America once again became THE GOOD, without the Bad and the Ugly ! And the nation lived happily for many years working on the Climate change issues , because otherwise NONE of us would have anywhere to live! : )


“What if Donald Trump won’t leave the White House? It’s a question many of us have as-”

Oh please, enough with the implausible ‘what if’s’ that only strengthen Democratic Party demands for unconditional loyalty to Biden.

What if he didn’t leave? As I wrote before, this one is simple - he’s in the White House after 12am of Jan 20, he’s trespassing, and two FBI agents remove him as follows.

First they frisk him for White House silverware.

Then they march him to the Oval Office crapper and make him flush.

Then they make him wash his hands.

Then they make him wash his hands again. This time with soap.

Then they handcuff him, frog march him out to the black sedan, and - following FBI standard operating procedure - bang his head on the roof before throwing him in the back.


What ever you’re smokin - I want some !

; - )


A somewhat technical view of evicting a White House squatter, from Christopher Brauchli:

What happens if the trump continues to insist on January 20th that he is the president of the United States and refuses to leave the White House?

The answer to that question will come, surprisingly, not from the United States Supreme Court or any other federal court. It will come from the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in a Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED) action. If, on January 20, 2020, the trump has not moved from the White House, and refuses to do so, the United States can bring an FED action in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia. The District of Columbia ordinance that governs FED actions provides that when a person “detains possession of real property… after his right to possession has ceased… the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, on complaint under oath… may issue a summons in English and Spanish to the party complained of to appear and show cause why judgment should not be given against him for the restitution of possession.”



Well I could be wrong on this but Winship, at least in my opinion, is an observational journalist. He writes it as he sees it and from his own resources. I don’t think he is required to tell you everything he knows, and some of his finer points may be lost on some folks.

hehe…unlawful detainer = eviction

They should double check to make sure that Andrew Jackson’s portrait is still there after he leaves.


Everyone turn your heads on January 20th, 2021, and let the Secret Service do their jobs.

And let’s remind them, “You don’t have to be too nice with them.”


Two people I would love to see return for a day or two-Molly Ivins and Lucius Beebe. Ok, Mark Twain as well. Among them, they would set Trumpworld on fire. Oh, hell, H. L Mencken can join the party, along with Dorothy Parker.
How I do miss Molly. And Ann Richards. Molly would take on Keith Burris, the Editor of the Toledo Blade, who is joined to Trump and the GOP at rear end level. He’s had several LTE’s ripping him a new one for his continued support of Trump.
As for removing Trump from the White House after 1201 on January 20, 2021…easy peasy. Just parade a group of sex workers holding thousand dollar bills in one hand and a bag of Happy Meals in the other around the grounds. Or just get some beefy ex-Mob enforcers to frog march him out to meet his fate.
As for the coming extinction of homo sap…it’s inevitable now. If we can’t cooperate to deal with a pandemic, we sure as hell won’t do it for climate change. One problem is…our groups are too large. We evolved to live best in small groups of no more than 30 or so on a permanent basis, joining up with other groups during events like a summer celebration or a hunt for winter food.