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Show Mercy for Animals

At least Margolis “puts his money where his mouth is” to the extent that he and his wife run their family foundation dedicated to animal rights … http://www.margolisfoundation.org/.


Cruelty is one thing, but this thread is overflowing with drivel.

The largest portion of the animal biomass on earth is livestock. In fact, it’s not even close.

I worked in the livestock business, the operation I worked for treated our charges – sheep, goats, fowl, cows – with the best of care. We milked them. Also, we killed and ate some of them, as intended. So did local coyotes. Even with the best of care, some of our livestock became deadstock. I can not express how sad that made me because of the hard work we put into ensuring their health. But that’s reality.

I was a vegetarian for nine years. Animal production went up considerably during those nine years. I support those of you here who are vegetarians/vegans. But don’t kid yourselves about the short term trajectory. Predators eat their fellow animals. They literally do it in my backyard.

Soon, ranching will taper downward. So will the human population. Good riddance.

Excellent, I did not know that, thank you for the link!

Well, you said it yourself. An equalizing of wealth on the planet which is not already happening. Especially in the industrialized countries where the income gap is enormous and war for resources has become common.

The most vulnerable are always the targets at times like this.

Agree with the sentiment but unfortunately the human population is projected to reach 15 billion, double the present number, before it declines. At those numbers, I think the human virus will have killed the host.

The projection I’ve seen is 10 million. And climate chaos will stymie even that number. Which is nice.

This website is my go to source. Scroll around if you’re so inclined: