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Show Up, Stand Up and Step Up: Bold Action in the Wake of Storms


Show Up, Stand Up and Step Up: Bold Action in the Wake of Storms

Dr Jason von Meding, Heidi Harmon
It is unusual for disasters to garner as much sustained coverage in the media as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have. Authors have been able to explore complex aspects of disasters in more nuanced ways than fleeting public interest generally allows.


The reason why any mention of climate change is virtually verboten is the enormity of its implications on every other issue. The onset of the Anthropocene, the man-made mark on deep time which will persist for hundreds of thousands of years, is so incomprehensibly portentious that it renders our most basic social concepts, both conservative and progressive, irrelevant.

What can possibly be conserved in the midst of the sixth, and largest, extinction event in the history of Life on Earth, with cities and borders dissolving as major population centers become uninhabitable? And how is a narrative of progress meaningful for a species that has dug itself so deep a hole?

Any focus on global warming is not narrow but radical - getting to the root of what now redefines us.


Since our government and many others are the fossil fuel industry itself, we are faced with the uncomfortable choices of revolution, civil war or a quiet, whimpering demise. Western legal tradition allows only slow, incremental reform. Even that is now impossible in the US. Long live anaerobic bacteria!


There is a deep sclerotic lesion that has been growing for hundreds of years. It is benignly referred to as ‘externalized costs’. NOTHING in predatory capitalism functions or is even allowed over a threshold of consideration without there being identifiable and bankable ‘externalizations’.

These include everything in the rainbow of life starting with nature being treated as an inert/dead substance from which to extract without any consequence. Until this dissociative disorder is addressed for what it is, the practices will perfect ultimate destruction.

Pretty simple. “Real Politik”?

Mother nature might just say …you ain’t seen nothin yet.