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Showdown at Standing Rock Is Not Just About the Dakota Access Pipeline


Showdown at Standing Rock Is Not Just About the Dakota Access Pipeline

Cayte Bosler

What began as a legal battle between the Sioux Tribe and the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline has turned into a movement that suggests something bigger is brewing.


According to an article I read there have been some 291 pipeline leaks or breaks in North Dakota just last year with virtually all covered up so as to protect the oil industry.

All of these pipelines are relatively new when compared to others in the USA. The total mileage of pipelines can only increase which means that the number 291 will climb significantly.


Yes, the battle is about more than the Dakota Access Pipeline. I think Paul Levy has it exactly right in describing the Black Snake as a manifestation of wetiko.

"There is a systemic psycho-spiritual disease—a true madness—that pervades the body politic of humanity, and what is happening at Standing Rock is an acute localized outbreak of this disease. The Native Americans have a word—“wetiko”—which signifies this illness of the soul—a truly demonic force—that informs such acts of unmitigated evil."


From EcoWatch:
Hundreds of Veterans to Join Water Protectors at Standing Rock to Protest Dakota Access Pipeline

From MintPress:
Veterans Are Joining Forces With Standing Rock Protestors In North Dakota

GoFundMe page for donations:
Veterans for Standing Rock #NoDAPL


As this article points out, our aquifers are in serious trouble. Why is it that corporate power grubbers cannot step back and see the facts better? "...21 of the world’s 37 large aquifers are severely water-stressed. The UN estimates one fifth of the world’s population already lives in water-stressed conditions."