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Showdown in El Paso: Trump and Beto’s Dueling Rallies and the Uncertain Future of the Wall


Showdown in El Paso: Trump and Beto’s Dueling Rallies and the Uncertain Future of the Wall

Ruth Conniff

On Monday night, while Donald Trump was holding his campaign rally at the El Paso County stadium to tout his plan for a border wall, about 7,000 citizens in the diverse, Democratic-leaning city marched in the streets, holding an ebullient celebration of the diversity, cultural richness, and, yes, safety, of their border town.


Trump, you’re a moron if you think you can drum up fear of “Messkins” in Texas. Your choreographed performance was a tour de farce at best. As a native Texan who has crossed the border (admittedly a long time ago) several times and traveled throughout much of Mexico I can attest that one doesn’t fear what one understands. Perhaps that fear may be instilled in Cornhole, Iowa–just as your xenophobic twin, Steven King has demonstrated. Sorry Trump, but your narrative reflects what one gets when they go one habanero too far.


Though I agree with O’Rourke on this issue, calling him a “progressive rock star” is laughable at best, at worst it tarnishes you’re credibility as a progressive writer and the editor of a progressive magazine.


I’m white. I’ve lived here in El Paso for over 60 years. I’ve never felt particularly concerned about living next to Mexico and never experienced crime related to illegal immigration. We used to jog, party, and ride our motorcycles on the levee until the US sealed it off. Crime here is more related to local gangs, the influx of outside gangs from LA and other places, and also dependent on the latest incarnation of law enforcement. We’ve always been one of the safest large cities in America and still are. Most of the drugs come across the ports of entry as anyone who lives here knows. Read the El Paso Times for the latest busts. Meanwhile we arm the cartel by sending weapons the other direction through the same ports of entry. The best thing we could do would be to spend more money guarding the legal ports of entry with technology and greater manpower. The relatively inaccessible border areas, and they are all horrendous deserts, are the least of our problems. Our number one biggest problem is the American need for drugs, not the people who supply them because of the insatiable demand.


Thanks, Jerry. I’m from EP and agree with you. I don’t live in Texas now.

A relative told us that Dump-supporters were brought in or came from other places, not EP. Do you know if that’s true?

My heart is petrified because I’m afraid …no, terrified, of the ecological and environmental impacts of more wall for the entire border region, both in the US. and Mexico. Ocelots, jaguars, jaguarundis, pronghorn, pygmy owls, wolves, and so many others already endangered…could be extirpated (go extinct here) because of Dump and Miller’s racism and the rest of the mindless sucking up to the bully-in-chief. Floods like Nogales’. Fire or heat waves under climate disruption and walls barring escape for the animals. On and on.


Ruth, did you actually attend either rally or go to EP?


Oh, drat! I read the headline wrong. I thought it said “…the uncertain future of Wall Street…” Would that that headline happens soon.


Hold the phone here," Former Congressman and progressive rock star Beto O’Rourke,"!
Giving this practically unknown politician, who has not demonstrated much in the realm progressive action to date, “progressive rock star” status is a bit of a stretch. Let us see how he does in the Senate before we get all propped up over what is really just another new face for most of us. We sure as hell can’t afford another quisling for the wealthy installed as a Democratic president. We need Real Leadership We Can Believe In! And we need it Now!


I can only encourage Mr. O’Rourke to make an effort to live up to the title but he has a way to go and necks must be risked to earn such high praise. Both of today’s major parties leave much to be desired when it comes to working for the best for the general public.


Trump can’t build the wall down the middle of the Rio Grande, he can’t build the wall on the Mexican side of the river, so it will be built on the US side of the river effectively ceding the Rio Grande to Mexico without recompense.


That’s very true. Add in American properties will be ceded to Mexico. So you wake up one morning and your country is now Mexico!

I just finished emailing half of the senators and several representatives informing them of your point and 5 others that are pertinent to the ecosystems and environment of the border range. I’ve heard nothing from any politician about those considerations. Neither had I heard anything from MSM until today, a tiny blurb that included info on the costs of the floods caused by wall in the two Nogales communities. Apparently, as usual, congresscreeps are voting in the dark. Yech!