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Showdown Looms as Trump, Flouting Dodd-Frank, Says CFPB Hater Mulvaney to Head Agency


Showdown Looms as Trump, Flouting Dodd-Frank, Says CFPB Hater Mulvaney to Head Agency

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Agreeing with outgoing director Cordray, Sen. Elizabeth Warren pushes back against White House, saying Trump "can't override" Dodd-Frank

Trump said Friday that OMB director Mick Mulvaney, seen here in 2013, would serve as acting director of the CFPB. Critics, however, say that's not lawful, as it should be the individual named by outgoing director Richard Cordray—Leandra English. (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr/cc)


Is it fascism yet?


Tweetle-Dumb’s appointment of Mulvaney simply clarifies SCOTUS’ decision in the ‘Citizens United’ case — ONLY Korporations have the rights granted to People by the U.S. Constitution . . .


I watched mulvaney before the Senate about their one-page budget. I think this man is a crook, an out-right thief.


I wonder if the dems all the dems stand up and demand that lamestreet media cover their protest of Trump stepping in and appointing before approval by Senate.

This will be a test of the democrats. Lamestreet media needs to start covering the facts with analysis and not he says, she says. What good does that do for we the people, NONE>


I was reading about this conflict in The Intercept earlier today. It’s becoming clear that there are two factions vying for dominance over the financial system and protection of citizens.(I don’t like the term consumers.) The democrats for all their faults at least give thought to citizen’s plight as the corporate masters take complete control over all our lives in a quasi-fascist-militarist-corporate-financially-motivated state with full cooperation of elected officials. After all we need all the help we can get from the more progressive Senators and Representatives to keep citizens from being swallowed up in this nightmare vampiric beast. In the end though I’m guessing that another nail will be hammered in the coffin of a rapidly shrinking democracy. Trump will most likely get the corporate tool Mulvaney to destroy yet again another agency that protects we citizens.


He, like a lot of “officials”, probably needs to be locked up. Clearly the criminals are now firmly in control of the US.


If it quacks like a…


Has there EVER been a more loathsome, evil little cockroach fake prez or destructive/despicable right-wing regime in America in modern times?


I must say that I never thought that we would ever have a president and cabinet worse than Nixon. The wake-up should have been very clear during Clinton’s second term, and confirmed during the Reagan reign.


I wonder how many of us can run into Canada before they shut the Pearly Gates?


A President worse than Nixon?
From my perspective, Nixon was like a choir boy, compared to Trump!


Solemnly swear. Faithfully execute. Preserve, protect, defend. So help me God.

Just in case you weren’t sure when the lying began.


Perhaps one needs to pare down the language to 140 characters or fewer to allow for Twitterdumb to wrap his tiny fingers around his phone and his tiny mind around the law.


Yes! The CFPB helped people get at least some of their money back from the crooked investments.


I agree, only Noxon was involved in the Viet Nam War. This one WANTS his own nuclear war!


Run?? The country, people, other animals and institutions deserve for the rest of us to fight not run. If we run in despair - then that is what we are- runners. I know it’s easier said than done- but Canada probably is not looking for an influx of Americans.


All these off color “jokes” do nothing. Stay involved as much as you can, and join with grass roots. Trump hates Warren which is probably why he wants to dismantle the bureau. anything NOT to help the country and the people. He must be afraid of another investigation.


Why not write a letter to your member of congress not us? Debating is not going to change this. I call and write letters. Also , maybe start a petition?


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