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Showing 'Anti-Choice Agenda Is Out-of-Touch and Patently Un-American,' Public Support for Roe v. Wade Hits Record High


Showing 'Anti-Choice Agenda Is Out-of-Touch and Patently Un-American,' Public Support for Roe v. Wade Hits Record High

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While reproductive rights advocates raise alarm about President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as the administration and Republican lawmakers continue to wage war women's access to healthcare,


From day one of his presidency, Triump and his Thugs have been hacking away at our Consitution and our Rights, yet nobody has done one thing to stop them! WHY???


Abortion is soon to be illegal in many parts of this nation. That is a fact. The only hope now is that it will turn into a battle cry for a new wave of constitutional amendments, legalizing everything from abortion to marijuana. Making healthcare a human right. And of course reorganizing the government so that it is a DEMOCRACY and not a REPUBLIC. So that the voices of the people can be reflected in national referendums and not squelched by our founding fathers rigid and unbending republic that was after all, meant not to encourage the “rabble” but to hold it back.
we are currently living in a Federalist wet dream. Its time to wake them up. If that means the dissolution of the republic, so be it.


It’s surprising that the media almost never mentions the underlying issues regarding abortion rights. Most importantly, those who oppose Roe v. Wade think the unborn fetus is equivalent, morally or in other ways, to a born human. Perhaps this never comes up because it would cause those who oppose abortion rights to explain why they care so little about the unborn after they’re born. And to explain why a creature without the ability to talk or think rationally, among other things, should be considered entitled to the same rights as “persons” under the Constitution.

Also, the anti-abortion folks are all for prohibiting both abortions and contraception. Why? Because they want sexual intercourse to be narrowly tolerated by government. Sexual intercourse, they think, is only for procreation. Sure, some religions dictate that. But we have separation of church and state, although Trump is trying to end that along with a lot of other freedoms.

My own view is that Roe v. Wade pretty well defines when the unborn reach a level of development when we ought to forbid arbitrary ending of the unborn’s life. And sexual relations shouldn’t be restricted to people who can produce children.


Right on the mark.

Another good point. Amongst the creatures aren’t we the only one not dependent on specific times when we can actually procreate or even desire it? So maybe there is something else at play here and not just for procreation. If these anti-abortionists cared about Life they would see to it that we got a livable planet without wars and inequality. I wonder if one can actually argue that given the multiple crisis facing us all, all species, that abortion can be a positive benefit for society.