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Showing 'Contempt for the American People,' GOP Floats Slashing Boosted Unemployment Payments to $100 Per Week

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/23/showing-contempt-american-people-gop-floats-slashing-boosted-unemployment-payments


The more time passes in this awful year of 2020, the more it should be plainly obvious that the Republican Party doesn’t seem to have a care in the world about the upcoming election. And let’s face facts, what do they have to be worried about? They have already purged millions of voters from the rolls. They have closed over 2000 polling places in the USA. There is a pandemic that has further shrank the electorate, and will scare many more out of voting in November. They have control of the USPS, and are making every effort to not just slow the mail down, but to bankrupt it once and for all. They are establishing martial law in most American cities and the more Progressive states, an act that will further discourage people from voting.
Oh, and they have control of the federal court system, thus everything they are doing now, and for the foreseeable future will be protected by the courts.
Don’t be surprised if you wake up on November 4th and find the Republican Party and their conservadem brethren still in charge.
We may find that a funny thing happened on the way to the progressive revolution of 2020. And that is what we should all fear the most. If there isn’t a true progressive revolution in 2021, the fascists will be more emboldened than ever.


Ah, the old penny in the water glass tip show of contempt. Perfect. That’ll show those lazy unemployed fucks… Smh


I have to ask WHY, when the economic model of predatory capitalism is so obviously a failure, there is the counter-evolutionary brittleness of terrified privilege. Latin root of privilege ‘advantage granted’ = FIRST before the law = societal lawlessness = feudal usurpation over life itself.

An economic model is first and foremost AN IDEA. An economic model could be ANYTHING. Predatory capitalism is based on ONE PREMISE - to manipulate perception to make it acceptable to HIDE the ways in which it destroys to usurp “value”. Be sharply aware that it DOES NOT “create” value. It first lies, hides, steals and destroys the natural structures in order to usurp. Predatory capitalism had to develop an entire industry of people dedicated to propagandizing targeted’ (note the weaponization terminology - it does not lie) sectors of the human race to 1) cause illusions of shortage, negation (think racism and present day carceral/“privatization” prison practices) in order to get everyone distracted and looking in the same direction and then ginn up desire. Look, for example, at the all too often poisonous cosmetic industry: hair coloring that is cancerous etc.
Let it fly off into the sunset and greet your neighbors fearlessly and lovingly and work together to meet needs.


They obviously know what’s best for us, just like parents sternly disciplining their children. It wouldn’t be good for us to loll about the house collecting unearned money like some senator or congresscritter. We need some incentive to get back to the grindstone and use our pennies to BUY stuff, even though it might kill us to do so. Small price to pay for the Death Cult.


They will do whatever they can to make Biden fail, nation be damned. Party ueber alles. Fuckers forever in my mind. I am looking forward to reading many obituaries. A huge amount.


That’s because capitalism isn’t just our economic system. It’s our political system, and our state religion.
Far too many Americans still worship at the altar of capitalism. Jesus wants you to be rich because, after all, rich people are good hard working people, and thus blessed in his fathers eyes.
And you poor folks, well, you need to try harder, and you’ll get what’s coming to you, after you’re dead of course.
That may be the ultimate legacy of this, the second American gilded age. Unlike the first, where the rich needed the poor to maintain their opulent lifestyles, that is no longer the case. The Uber wealthy of this generation live in an automated, mechanized world. They don’t need nearly so many of us anymore. The fate of many of the worlds poor is already sealed. The rich have almost everything now, they no longer need us.


Silly me,I thought spending decisions were in the hands of the House of Representatives, the people’s house.


Billions and trillions of taxpayers hard -earned wages taken as taxes are now directed by this trump/RepubliCon regime of corrupt servants of great wealth, while the critically-needed resources, truth, empathy, concern, and care are diverted from ordinary American citizens and refugees - a pittance or nothing to American families and small business while crony, complicit obscenely rich lead lives of luxury - larceny - the joke is that IF the lives of those 99% were raised-up, the economic benefits would serve our entire nation including those obscenely wealthy that have manipulated and bought the government (especially of trump & co) to serve their own greed and arrogance-driven agenda.
The DP and its focus is also complicit as they serve much the same interests and usury, wage, debt and interest slavery as RepubliCons Dems are NOT with the people and have not been for over 40 years (at least)
It is high-time to tax those individuals and corporations to force giving-back to society, and slash Pentagon theft of civilian resources to feather their war-machine nest, personal careers and pensions on the public dime! This robbery - for that is what it is - has become the most lucrative, subversive, and treasonous scam, in the history of the world! ENOUGH!


"Senate Republicans are wildly out of touch with reality. Seriously, just $400 a month?
Cutting monthly income for 30 million families by $2,000 would cost the country millions of jobs."

Fascism on the march as our MAFIA government by the Don continues his war on
America, truth and science – and all reality.

This is the tremendous SUPPRESSION of information that is going on in US today –

Was just reading the story of Rebekah Jones in Florida – amazingly intelligent young
woman who could have saved a lot of pain and death for Floridians – met with suppression
for POLITICAL purposes by DeSantis.


Just when you think it can not get any worse, you realize that until rock bottom is hit nothing will change. Even suggesting to do this shows a arrogant totally uncaring and, worst of all, ignorant attitude that is leading us to a hell where the suffering of millions does not matter. But it does matter and every last one of us will pay if this crap system is not changed immediately.


Not to worry. The House will stand its ground and insist on keeping the $600/week benefit, just like they stood up to the Senate on…oh, wait…never mind…


What? You mean the other half of the duopoly that is meant to protect and enrich the Oligarchy at the expense of the working poor? Surely you jest! Both “Houses” just take their orders from the Oligarchy, take their bribes and gifts and laugh at our attempts to stay alive.
** You’ve all seen how the system is laid out. When they stop or curtail this aid during the Pandemic, we can’t pay our mortgages. In three months, the banks take our homes and leave us to the slumlords and their rack rents, or living in the streets. Winter will remove much of the “surplus population,” and the starving remainder will fight each other for the occasional jobs offered for a pittance by the Oligarchy. By 2021 or 2022, we will be in the same spot as the poor were in in medieval Europe and England. Mere serfs existing to do the will of the Masters. When one is worked to death, his/her job is offered to the winner of the fight for it, and she/he then works themselves to death trying to feed their family and another job is offered. Rinse and repeat.
** Those of us in our seventies, eighties and nineties won’t last long, nor will those with young children starving and disease ridden. Those in the middle will live as Thomas Hobbes said, “No arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death: and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short .”
** In 1776, we fought a long war and finally won it, to ward off the above. Now, two hundred and forty-four years later, we are facing the same thing yet again. Perhaps it is time to fight for our freedom and dignity yet again, but the Oligarchy and its pet government is obviously preparing their side to fight for their wealth and greed, regardless of cost and lives lost of We the People.
** ;-})


BigB -

Thank you –
We have a president fighting for the South and the Confederate flag – an attempt to
reclaim victory after its defeat –

In a re-education which should have happened long ago, we are faced with Trump
followers who will move with him to destroy what they cannot change – and that
includes our Bill of Rights, all science and all truth.

It is long past time to be out in the streets – maybe think of this as an opportunity to
go back and change what Hitler/Nazis did and ensure that fascism is put to sleep for
all time.


Obviously, Congress needs their pay to be halved –
and their health care to be taken away.


This is a “Death Cult” – and they are not missing this opportunity to destroy!!

But we are the winning side –
We are losing only by betrayal – by Founders who betrayed us by saving SLAVERY -
GUARANTEEING the Civil War which we also won –

We have won all of the battles but this last one because so many refuse to see the
real dangers. How can that be?

They have ENSLAVED us to an economic system of Capitalism which is suicidal.

We have to change that –

This may be the final yelp of a dying mule?

But we have to make it so –

Other countries approach this situation in a different and more humane manner. France pays its unemployed workers 70% of their wages, the U.K. 80%, while the Danes have the effrontery to pay its workers 90% of their salary. But not here as the alleged greatest country in the world does not come close in helping its citizens in the same way that those countries do. If the United States could give trillions of dollars in stimulus money to large corporations such as the cruise industries, the airlines, the casinos, and the oil and gas companies, a piece of legislation which practically every Democrat voted for, then one would logically think that the government should give even more to the working class and the poor. But logic and compassion is not what the people should count on in this less than egalitarian country. But the protests which are occurring throughout the country provide a sliver of hope that things might finally change in the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Terry –

So true – and HEARTS to everyone replying on this thread – LOVE!!

But it wasn’t always so –
anymore than our infrastructure used to be neglected as it is now –

And – in fact, Unemployment Insurance came under the Social Security Act –
and they have stolen basically both Social Security and Unemloyment Insurance
– its original intent and the spirit of the Social Security Act.

And it has been done by trickery, by secrecy, by many who were willing to sell their
souls to Elites/corporations for financial gain.

We are actually being RULED BY THE RICH by our own representatives in Congress.

Do not underestimate the power of secrecy wielded by the wealthy –
We are now watching it come into plain sight.

And I dread to say – all caution must be shown in electing Biden because Elites always
insure there is a way of betrayal in any new victory – any new government.


The very ugly contrast between this slashing unemployment aid during the pandemic to $100 per week and the reported obscene $13 Billion profit by Jeff Bezos in ONE DAY, and the “bi-partisan” defeat of the very modest proposal to cut the bloated Pentagon budget by a measly 10% to help America, tell the tale of systemic corruption.
The obscene accumulation of vast unimaginable wealth and military spending, waste, fraud, and corruption, that is a theft from our civilian society and republic to gift the MICC and make-work careers and pensions must be ended.
The servitude of politicians of both entrenched political parties to this organized corruption of civilian government Of, By and ostensibly FOR the people and theft of resources to enrich the few must no longer be tolerated - if only the public realize the truth of how they are being used, and the scam that steals a sustainable future from the 99%!

Not acceptable, but corrupt and subversive to our nation!

“sometimes things are so transparency, they don’t need evidential proof”.


My opinion below is not an endorsement of a lowered UI:

The repug’s and the demented one in the WH have already signaled they want to lower the UI benefit, this offer of $100 a week is their way of negotiating with the dems. They understand your first offer should be much lower or higher than the amount you want to settle on. Dem’s should have written in a $1000 a week benefit in their bill, then settle for $600.
If only the dems could understand this concept, and maybe they do understand the concept, but won’t use it because their not a true opposition party.