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Showing People Can Rise Above Trump, Jury Refuses to Convict Activist Who Acted in Defense of Planet


Showing People Can Rise Above Trump, Jury Refuses to Convict Activist Who Acted in Defense of Planet

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Offering some hope that "reality" will prevail in a political climate seemingly bent on climate destruction, a Washington state jury on Wednesday failed to convict activist Ken Ward on two felony counts stemming from an act of civil disobedience against the fossil fuel industry.


One small victory in a sea of disappointing and disastrous news!


Signs of sanity...


And let's hope sanity prevails...
Much thanks to Ken Ward for the courage and conviction of his heroic acts and those of his companions.


Stand Up. Fight Back and he did. Congratulations Ken Ward. You have shown us all the way!


It is not only one standing up to oppression that changes reality, it is all of us standing up together.


Record Judge Vacancies Could See Trump Recast Courts

Trump has it covered. Don't count on the courts.


How tens of millions of American have been duped into believing that climate change is not an extremely serious threat to them and their children will probably be the subject of numerous articles and books to come. This may be the biggest con job in history. While it seems unlikely these Americans will suddenly wake up and realize they have been had, attempts to shake these people into reality should continue regardless of the odds against success..


As long as they are jury trials, we have a chance of "climate justice."

But I think it's too late. It's forcast to be 40 degrees C (104F) in the coolest parts of Australia right now. Shattering all records. It's summertime down there, and nobody has ever seen it so hot. The Larson C iceshelf is cracking up and the Arctic Sea Ice extent is at it's lowest level ever seen for this time of year.

Cool La Nina just shriveled up and died, and there's talk of another El Nino (hot Pacific Ocean.)

Some scientist say we are entering a thermal runaway due to methane and water vapor in the upper troposphere. It's 90F out here in the tropics, day after day, when it's supposed to be 80F.

Get ready for a cruel Summer.


Surely there is a more elegant and sensible way to pave the roads. This entire system where people have to fight to protect the environment could not be a more blatant demonstration of insanity. That companies can pollute the atmosphere that everyone breathes and destroy nature and those who oppose it are apprehended and have to prove their "innocence" is again, totally insane. But you know what is really unbelievably insane? That people who oppose pollution vehemently continue to pay the government taxes. They would rather risk life and limb in a useless protests. If protests really achieved anything that lasted, that would be fair enough, but what is the success rate of protests? Very, abysmally low. Like I said, all this wasted effort but never would they stop funding it. What a mess.


WE have it covered: don't count on the Orange Fungus.


Best newsI've heard all week! This guy should be the subject of a widely distributed movie on TRUE heroes.


More Really Bad News that points to a thermal runaway:


and more hot hot records in Florida:


The Arctic News Blog says we will be extinct by 2026.


I'm confused how you all can be unequivocally in support of this ruling. The man took the law into his own hands, committing a serious felony. Burglary is no joke. I don't care what the cause is and how important you think it is. In a free you have rule of law. If you don't abide by them, at best you are a vigilanty. Imagine if someone used the same basis for performing the exact opposite action, say disrupting the building of government run wind turbines after it forced the shutdown of the coal plant he worked at? Would you condemn him to jail for the same action, because the cause didn't fit your agenda? He would certainly consider his actions vital, as he was attempting to protect the jobs and lives of his community (whether you agreed with his argument or not).

At what point would this man's actions be considered unlawful in your eyes? He committed a serious felony. Would it take armed violence?

To me this ruling sets a dangerous precedent that the law plays little bearing if people believe a "cause" outside the rule of law is more important.


You are telling a lie. He was NOT convicted of a serious felony.

You are a liar, sir, and a victim of demented thinking. You were not privy to the details of the trial, were you? You were not inside the jury chamber, were you?

No, you were not. And what's worse is you seem to not know about a critical over-riding component of US Law that allows unlawful actions in the case of doing what a reasonable person would do under endangered circumstances.

This makes you the outlaw, since you won't acknowledge standard US law that has been on the books for centuries in the West.



United States law requires not just that the state prove that Ken Ward turned a valve, but that the state prove criminal intent beyond a reasonable doubt. That's what the law requires. It looks like the state had no evidence of whether Ken's intent was civic intent or not.

A precedent was set in an English court case, Penn v. Crown. The Crown (the English courts, in the King's name) charged William Penn, the Quaker founder of Pennsylvania, with "tumultuous and riotous assembly". In fact Penn had sat rather motionless with other Quakers in the town square and had meditated. The jury reported to the judge that he was only guilty of "assembly". The judge then demanded a verdict on the "tumultuous and riotous" part, and the jury said he was innocent of being tumultuous and riotous. Whereupon, this being England, the judge locked up the jury without beer. Another court said that the judge didn't have the authority to compel a guilty verdict out of his jury. By the way, they raised a statue to this case.

We ought to convince millions of prospective jurors that they must go by their hearts in discerning the "criminal intent" part of any law. If the law demands proof of criminal intent and no such proof whatsoever is forthcoming from the state, then the defendant must be found innocent.

In any case, I've met Ken and I congratulate him. I've also met Ken's father, who is probably still convinced that I'm the strangest person that he's ever met in his life, but that's another story.


Calling me a liar is a strong use of language. You're right. I wasn't there. I don't know what happened. And actually I agree completely with that logic. It seemed from the article though that his actual actions aren't in question. It's whether the jury felt it should supersede the letter of the law because of some alterior cause. Which they did.

And my point is that this sets a dangerous precedent. It incentivizes more people to stretch the rules to fit their agenda. It puts innocent people at risk.

I'm all for civil disobedience. But it doesn't have to Involve actions resulting in prosecution for serious felonies.


If that happens, it will mean that these millions have woken up otherwise, there won't be any articles or books once the sea levels rise and all the coastal cities are underwater. Think of all the infrastructure that will be destroyed, airports, railroads and hundreds or thousands of power plants submerged, including nuclear ones. Millions will die and the millions or billions of survivors will flee the new coastlines for the interior that will be suffering from floods or drought.

The idea that these people will be scolded in a book seems a minor consideration.


Jury Nullification the right of jurors to declare innocent a person who even admits they had broken the law but does so know the law its self unjust. Wiki it man.

While you are looking stuff up look up why GWBush was never arrested for illegal wars and torture? Why Obama got away with murdering two to three American citizens without due process? Why Hillary Clinton skated on setting up private email service to sell access to political figures?

Answer those questions before you ever point your finger at Ken Ward Who fights for life.


Gee TJ I was reading folks reject Dr. Guy McPherson right here on CD. You were part of that. All the snowflakes are going to melt in this heat.