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Showing Size and Diversity of Sanders' Grassroots Army, #MyBernieStory Goes Viral on Social Media

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/13/showing-size-and-diversity-sanders-grassroots-army-myberniestory-goes-viral-social

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The time is now, for a "Political Revolution."


The “democratic” party rigged the primaries against Bernie in 2016… what makes you think they won’t do it again?

The government does not serve the people. The elections are fraudulent. The country is an Empire that is always at war. Corporations write all of “our” laws. The leaders are openly corrupt. I mean, jesus, they just suicided Epstein to kill the truth. In front of the entire world. And even the politicians are calling BS.

We need to overthrow the government.


Sounds like a dream, to me. A good dream.




Unfortunately, a pipe dream.

“Ya say you want a Revolution…”
Don’t See a Solution here, just complaints that have always existed

So Don’t Support Bernie ?

Screw the Opposition
We take it back one step at a time


I’m making no predictions outside of Uncle Joe ByeDone’s eventual implosion.

I am, however, going to remark upon the “misunderestimation” that characterized Bernie’s support in 2016 and its reappearance today. Bernie:

  • Has both the ground game and the small donor network to compete and win
  • Stays on message
  • Owns the the big ideas in the d-party debates
  • Draws the biggest crowds at his events
  • Is the only candidate to match Biden in head-to-head polling against Trump
  • Will tell the public about Trump’s socialist bail outs of farmers hurt by his trade war

I caution the DNC. If you stick to your anyone-but-Bernie posture, you’re playing with fire.


And what will you do when they rig it again? Are you going to vote for Sleepy / Creepy Joe or Corporate Kamala?

They are already rigging it.

I’m going to vote third party as I’ve been doing since 1980. Every four years I’m proven right.


I call troll BS! This piece isn’t about your destructive negativity and tearing-down, “Joe” if that really is your name.
I have lost respect and patience for troll comments like your’s that only point-out the past and negative BS - even if true to degrees - that weak crap only generates a sense of impossibility, it manifests what the enemy want, a sense of defeat!.Is that what you want?

The “real left” bashed Bernie and undermined his (our) campaign in 2016 aided by other nay-sayers, the DINO sellouts, and those we fight against, IF there had been a little more unity of purpose and less destructive BS dialogue we might be in a whole 'nother place today.

The people mentioned in this piece responding to Bernie’s call to arms and political energy are not interested in your BS, NOT inspired by “we can’t do it” crap that is troll shite and not needed here or anywhere!


PonyBoy, I don’t see how you can possibly change a fake democracy by voting in rigged elections… maybe a REAL revolution is what’s needed.

Stay golden, PonyBoy.

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If the DNC demands another loser this go-round, I’m a write-in supporter for Sanders. I hope others will voice their position so that the Dems don’t head down the rabbit hole again.

I remember cautioning the Hillbots who saw Hillary sweep the south saying that Hillary, unlike Sanders, would ultimately lose those states whereas Sanders carried the states with a plurality among independents, Democrats and 12% to 14% of REGISTERED Republicans!

Money speaks louder than votes at the DNC.


Don’t be another neoliberal who ignores the mood of the voters; the anti-establishment voters are still anti-establishment. tRump was just another rich move to the right… adding angst to the swamp.

Biden lost when he told Wallstreet that “nothing will change”. Don’t repeat past mistakes hoping for different results. Don’t push to the right; it’s not helping Democrats win.

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Not every election is rigged.

But if we need a miserable outlook on life we know where we can get it.

You should know me and what I fight-for by now, Ron, and it sure ain’t “pushing to the right”. I just think rolling in the muck is not what builds the coalition of people needed to destroy trump and the R’con right, AND the DINO neoliberal sellout scum. the clinton/obama wing. I’m just sayin please, we see more than enough negativity, we need more unity and commitment. Peace!


Sorry. I want the primaries to be for selecting the BEST candidate - which requires a bit of combat to ensure that we don’t end up with another Obama. Remember him? “Don’t look back” protecting Bush, “God is in the mix” reversing his campaign promises and neoliberal trickle-down Republican economic policy. His administration was pre-selected by Citigroup… and it didn’t help anyone else in the Democratic party. Shrinkage.


"All You Need Is Love."

TIME: The Couple in This Famous Woodstock Album Cover Photo Is Still Together 50 Years Later.

We’ll sleep better at night, knowing we didn’t support a corrupt political party.