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Showing Size and Diversity of Sanders' Grassroots Army, #MyBernieStory Goes Viral on Social Media

You need asn evolution not a revolution. Www.gp.org

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It’s not a miserable outlook - it’s optimistic. Once people understand the elections are rigged, maybe they’ll demand better.


Looks like I must have hit the nail on the head to get you all riled up like that. LOL

First, I’m not pointing out the past - I’m pointing out the present. Tulsi gave that slave-labor profiteer a beat down, and then the neoliberal media called her an Assad apologist and a useful tool for Russia. Sound familiar?

This shit is going on right now. It’s a repeat of 2016.

Second, all the unity of purpose in the world wasn’t going to win the primary in 2016. It was rigged. All the leaders of the “democratic” party even admitted it was rigged and apologized for rigging it (why aren’t they in jail for election fraud, again???). They also meddled in the Republican primary to help an overt fascist (pied piper strategy), then accused him of being a Russia agent after he won by the BS electoral college (why aren’t they in prison for treason or sedition??? it was a fucking soft coup attempt!!!).

They still haven’t even admitted any of this - they are still doubling down on Russia hysteria like it’s the fucking 1950s!!!

They are behaving like this RIGHT NOW.

So what makes you think this will be a legit primary?

I mean, look, I hope it is. And I’ll vote as far left as I can… and I fully expect to go Green in November and then move to Canada.

The people of America are like an overcooked noodle. Limp and squishy. Mostly from all the lies and inequality consumed on a daily basis, from a diet of Mainstream Media malarkey.

Now some of us, not a majority, are Al Dente. We’re done just right, not too stiff like most conservatives, and not overdone like most self-proclaimed liberals.

Don’t misunderstand, we’re not centrists, we’re enlightened perfectionists without the “big heads.”

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with demanding more from your public servants.

They have no right being in those jobs, if it’s not their ultimate priority to serve us.


Oh, and Emphyrio is one of the good guys. Ease up.


Lee Camp last week interviewed a former Bernie staffer and they show that if anything the elections have gotten more rigged since 2016

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Hey Joe, I did respond strongly in frustration… I know who we fight against and how they will do anything, and have, to stop any real change. Primaries rigged like CA in 2016, “debates” a charade run by corrupt sold-out/complicit media whores, a complicit DINO DP leadership that sabotages & works against progressive/left ideals and issues, and a pathological nutter regime burning and salting everything in its ugly path.
I support Bernie this time around as in 2016, bring my body to demos, try to inform and incite, and build the support needed to maybe - and that’s a big maybe - with enough grass-roots positive energy force some real change. That means encouraging people to get active & fight, not give-in & remain asleep. I just don’t think crying defeat before the last act is a winning strategy. - even tho we see the pattern time and time again & I’m well over 70 When a movement is being built, gaining adherents, many different from “us” and fighting, I want to support and encourage that, not demean it or trash it - that’s what I support. Violent revolution here at this time is fantasy for too-many reasons, but class & religious war maybe not. So whats the alternative?
If the DINO quisling scum foist another centrist sold-out shill on us, I will not support that LOTR shite ever again. It may indeed come to voting Green as I do, and moving to Mexico. but not quite yet, not yet. Peace.

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I also have supported the Green Party ever since Ralph Nader ran for POTUS and I was excoriated as one of the people allowing Bush to beat Gore.

Fair enough.

And you’re right - violent revolution is not really an option. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if a civil war breaks out (apparently 1/3 of the population feels the same way). Again, Canada…

But the reason I call BS and PREDICT more fraud is to wake people up. I know too many people who still believe the primaries are legit. If I can predict what’s going to happen before it happens, then when it happens, maybe they’ll wake up. Think of it as the long game for toppling the “democratic” party. Again, slim hope, but it’s something.

Anyway, I wish you the best. I will continue reviewing Canadian Immigration Laws. Hopefully, I will vote Green from an embassy.

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