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Showing Strength of 'Political Revolution,' Sanders Raises $2M in Two Days for Downticket Dems


Showing Strength of 'Political Revolution,' Sanders Raises $2M in Two Days for Downticket Dems

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Though he may not have won the presidential nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders has again demonstrated the power of his influence, raising nearly $2 million in just two days for down-ticket Democrats hoping to carry the mantle of his "political revolution" into Congress come November.


Here's a prediction: the Senate will be controlled by the Democrats beginning in January.
That's a good thing and a bad thing.
Bernie controlling the Budget Committee is a good thing. Hillary being the president is a bad thing.

Everybody needs health care. Everybody.
What we do not need is a cobbled together health care system that favors corporate medicine, Big Pharma, and the health insurance industry. That's what Obamacare is.
What we do need is Medicare for all, from birth through death like every other civilized country has.
A single-payer, universal health care system which is regulated by "we the people," who are the government. (Or soon will be again,)

Hopefully one of the first Senate bills that Bernie introduces as Chairman of the Budget Committee will be Medicare for all.


Tactics trump (no pun intended) whishes and dreams, as distasteful as that may be.
If the Green Party gets 5% of the total vote it will be a miracle and that means that no Green Party candidate will win a Senate seat.
Plan B is to defeat every incumbent Republican.


If she becomes POTUS and the Democrats take control of the Senate, Clinton will push through enough regressive legislation during her first term to assure that Democrats sit out the 2018 midterm election, returning Senate control to the GOP...the classic Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) playbook that Bill Clinton and Obama followed.

If he becomes POTUS and the Democrats take control of the Senate, hopefully they will keep roadblocks in place to prevent Trump from advancing his agenda.


I have no doubt that the donations direct to the candidates put the total well over the $2M mark. I was motivated by the OR appeal to give directly to the campaign of Zephyr Teachout, who has made me want to move to New York.


Exactly. And Trump will lead a Tea-Party type astroturf opposition group to waive signs & be the boogie-man, thus giving Hillary & the Dems an excuse to prematurely capitulate to the Republicans. The worst thing is that most liberals will fall for it.


" Hoping to carry the mantle of his political revolution into congress."

There never was any Bernie Sanders political revolution, because Bernie either lied or was somehow intimidated to sell out to HRC. Bernie's vitriol about Wall Street meant nothing in the final calculus.

Now Bernie is raising $ for the party of disingenuous alternatives instead of using his political power of raising $ for Dr. Jill Stein. SHAME ON YOU BERNIE!


Single Payer Healthcare-Yes.
O-Pharmacare- No.


Why on earth would Bernie raise funds for Stein? He has no relationship with her, backward or forward (where, btw, she has no path). This raising of $2M in 2 days demonstrates that Bernie's revolution is alive and well. These are still mostly small contributions: he asked (in the e-mail referenced in the OP, which I received myself) for $15 to split among the candidates. Yeah, $15 to split. Teachout's funding site said their average contribution was indeed $27, same as Bernie's in the primaries. The revolution goes on, and is going to DC, with or without your approval.


Meanwhile, the Jill Stein campaign has experienced a sudden drop in donations after being smeared by John Oliver on his TV show:



Fault in your post, Hillary is a republican and will lead the grand bargain to end S.S. As we know it, as you witness Wallace stoking the embers at the debate.


MC- thanks for the link! Good to know where John Oliver really stands! As Climate Change will change the order of the day in the days to come, the Green Party could do the same by cleaning house in our current 2-party system.


Let us drop the titles Dems and Repubs, and just call her and them Oligarchs.
Are you an Oligarch and support the current system? Or are you a non-oligarch, and want a new way?


Was Trumps refusal to guarantee support of Hillary if she wins a challenge to the electoral process controlled by the two parties or the governments responsibility to oversee that the processes is equitable for all candidates from all parties? Either way I can see why the elites are soiling themselves over it. I wonder where the progressive left and millennials stand on this challenge.


Only $2 million? Drug companies spent $109 million to defeat drug price ballot initiative in California

This is just one instance of how money has taken over our political system

Drug companies funnel $108 million to defeat California drug-price ballot question

And how much more money will they spend from now until the election???


I hope, that all those fair weather friends,who abandoned Bernie, even yelled "traitor", "turncoat" and the like, when Bernie took steps, they could not understand, to further the progressive agenda NOW, rather than waiting until 2020, take note.

The old fox has been in the business for ~ 50 years, has always been focused on his progressive goals and in the process learned a thing or two on how to best achieve them.
So please, get back on the bandwagon and make this revolution succeed!


According to Stein, Bernie will not even talk to her. And they have big differences on foreign policy as far I can tell. I think Bernie's views are much closer to those of Hillary Clinton. According Michael Moore there is no longer any difference. I wouldn't go that far but on domestic policy and foreign policy Sanders and Clinton are pretty close to having the same views.


They do not spend this money every two days. And see, where it got them with the sad representation of presidential candidates, they came up with.
Given more time, Bernie would wrap both those candidates around his little finger, intellectually, ethically and morally.
The only thing which kept him from doing this in the present campaign is our sluggish uptake of his goals and our slow realization, that there was finally a man worth voting for.


Having "views" is easy, especially when you have no chance of shouldering the responsibilities of office, having to take that oath about upholding and defending the Constitution.


What a scumbag Oliver turned out to be. I really respected him when he started his show but I started to notice the bias when the Debates were on. Too see that he sunk to the low of criticizing Third Parties while he has said NOTHING negative about Hillary Clinton speaks volumes. I have read articles that disprove the Clinton campaign funding him. Shame, since at the very least Oliver could be getting some money for his inadvertent shilling.