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Showing They 'Learned Nothing' From Iraq, Corporate Media Help Beat War Drums for Trump Attack on Syria


Showing They 'Learned Nothing' From Iraq, Corporate Media Help Beat War Drums for Trump Attack on Syria

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With America's major corporate cable outlets—particularly so-called liberal networks like MSNBC—continuing to uncritically provide generals and lawmakers a massive platform to beat the drums of war as President Donald Trump inches closer to launching a military attack on Syria, critics have concluded that the U.S. media has clearly learned nothing from the crucial role it played in cheerleading for the Bush administration's catastrophic invasion of Iraq in 2003.


Of course they learned nothing. They are literally getting paid by the MIC to repeat the same destructive rhetoric time and time again.


A great song from 1965.


I only have access to one day-time MSM news outlet, CNN, although use of the term news is generous – they rarely have their eye on the ball and seem to largely be unaware there is a ball. But, I can’t say that I see a lot of defense contractors/warmongers advertising there.

Makes me wonder whether they are getting “grants” or “gifts” or other forms of revenue from those folks that gives the warmongers the leverage to force them to beat the drums of war, just like the dark money in politics. If so, disclosures are in order.

If not, then WTF? It largely does not compute. Perhaps, from their view it’s the “cost” of “access” to the people that feed them the pablum and doublespeak they repeat on air, which is the only form of “investigative” reporting they seem capable of. Even Christiane Amanpour, whom I once held in some regard, is now reduced to some meaningless “social” reporting about love life around the world, totally unrelated to and beneath the quality of reporting that she once did.

It’s a sad state of affairs.


You mean AIPAC who owns the corporate media now - that puts commercials out for bombers and weapons no normal citizen can afford, among the pharmaceutical commercials, isn’t peaceful? You’re kidding!!!


I check them nearly daily. It’s a propaganda for war outfit just like Fox and MSNBC.


So now we know.


Yes, I agree. The question for me is, “Why?”

Deep Throat’s advice of following the money seems the most likely answer, but somehow I think it’s something else – something systemic now, a metastasized cancer in the fourth estate.


Showing They ‘Learned Nothing’ Since Korea


When will they ever learn? I guess that if the recorded history is to be believed they won’t. I just wish the fools who prosecute the battles were the ones fighting them. It is beyond the ken of rational beings.


I am puzzled by this post. AIPAC which is the American Israeli lobby owns NO media, none. In fact, ownership of all media is well documented and it is easy to see what corporations or governments own all media, just google it.



Please check out this short video of Tucker Carlson on Fox News Tonight. It was broadcast
Monday evening. “Why is Washington United behind a war in Syria”.

I think you will be surprised that he is actually telling the truth. And I hear that he will be on again tonight, 4-11-2018 at 8:30 ET with guest, Glenn Greenwald to discuss this very issue. Check it out.
It shouldn’t matter if it’s on Fox, we should join forces with whoever is against war and wants to share the truth with the American people.


Now would be a good time to re-release it and play it at least once an hour, 24/7!


You know what the US might do. There is no mention there of what Russia will do. Russia has missiles that can not be stopped and are designed to sink ships. USS Donald Cook has already once been disabled and sent home with its tail between its legs. Brand new, Aegis cruiser {$billions} with all electronic equipment ruined by a Russian fighter flyover and simulated attack run. Not a shot fired.

Israel could very well be a target also. Its military bases and Dimona would be prize targets.


“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace,
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one…”


Oh, they learned something.

They learned that their cowardice and complicity never comes with consequences

Thus déjà vu all over again

And again

And again …


Another stupid headline on CD. The MSM is not in business to “Learn” anything. Their only purpose is to spew propaganda on behalf of their corporate oligarch owners. The days of Walter Cronkite and Edward Murrow passed away decades ago. What really matters is that the stupid citizens seemingly have learned nothing and continue to get their daily dose of propaganda from all these MSM sites and continue to vote for both the Democrats and Republicans who are wholly owned by, and do the bidding for their war mongering corporate owners.


Thank you! John’s words of wisdom still echo through the Universe! Humanity’s evolutionary peak!