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Showing 'Total Disregard for Indigenous Rights and Public Wishes,' Trump Moves to Open ANWR to Drilling


Showing 'Total Disregard for Indigenous Rights and Public Wishes,' Trump Moves to Open ANWR to Drilling

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Demonstrating a "total disregard for Indigenous rights and public wishes," the Trump administration on Friday moved to expedite oil and gas exploration in previously protected lands in Alaska.


It simple. As far as “The market” is concerned and under the system of assigning everything a monetary value, the Caribou and the landscape that supports them have NO VALUE. In order to give this area a value that value must be extracted so that the things that the economic system called Capitalism truly values can be shipped elsewhere so as to make some small handful of the investor class wealthier.

Under the system called Capitalism , the most valued thing of all is THE INVESTOR CLASS as they control all of the Capital. Their desires must be attended to first and foremost even if it kills us all and kills every living thing that shares this world with us.

It the most cockeyed system one could imagine yet we are assured by the Media which that Investor class owns, that it the only system we can allow.


Disregarding indigenous rights and public wishes is what capitalists do. You want something different you get rid of the capitalists. If not, well then you get what they allow you to get.



To show just how greedy and short-sighted this oil grab is, break out an atlas and measure how much mileage of Alaska’s northern coast ANWR occupies. From approximately Point Hope to the Canadian border, it’s less than one quarter. The other 70+ percent is open to drilling. But that’s not quite enough for the Exxons of the world - they want it all.

Obviously one of the reasons for the lack of outrage at exploiting this refuge is ANWR’s remoteness. There seems to be a tacit consensus (minus environmental groups) that Alaska is so large, so distant, the principle of violating a wilderness area ‘up there’ isn’t the sin it would be at, say, Yosemite. But once a precedent is set, it lays the groundwork for future intrusions into other public set-asides.


Well, Alaska is a red state and they voted for Trump. What did they expect?


The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a National reserve and has federal protection as a part of our national heritage. The Federal government is suppose to protect it, not auction it off. It is of interest to everyone not just Alaska residents.


Right, it is critical habitat to some species as well.


Yes, most Alaskan’s; especially it’s politicians, not only expected this, but since most of them are owned lock, stock and barrel by big oil…THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED!


Correct, thanks Fern.
I’ll add it’s the largest block of land untouched by man in North America. The land mass is about the size of South Carolina. No roads, no power lines, no cell towers, nothing but wilderness. It’s also the only block of land that supports all 3 species of North American bears.


OH BULLSHIT already! Alaskans get a check every year for a share in oil profits for the state. It’s called the oil wealth trust fund. The last checks were for 2K per citizen. Oh yes, they would all be so devastated if their annual checks doubled. It’s morons like this, quit using people you know nothing about to preach your agenda.


True, but then again you can’t eat money.



Alaska doesn’t own this land, all Americans own it.