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Shredding 'Failed Dogmas of Neoliberalism,' Corbyn Charts Bold New Vision for UK


Shredding 'Failed Dogmas of Neoliberalism,' Corbyn Charts Bold New Vision for UK

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a rousing speech at the Labour Party's annual conference in Brighton, England on Wednesday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn took aim at the "callous and calculating" austerity agenda of Prime Minister Theresa May, slammed the "failed dogmas of neoliberalism" that produced the deadly Grenfell Tower fire, and argued that his party—bolstered by its ambitious "


Bernie take notice of how party is changed - it’s not by pretending the DNC didn’t cheat and it was Russia!!!


Meanwhile, in the USA, we get Hillary telling us Bernie’s vision for single-payer will “never, ever come to pass.”

Answer: Zero.

Question: The chances I’ll vote for a D-Party candidate any time soon.


Then maybe you should join it - find a local committee - and work to change it? How do you think Corbin and his followers rose to power in the equally compromised Labour Party?


Note well the Labour Party’s color…


This man i believe is genuine, I wish him all the best. The whole world hungers for a man like Corbyn.


Exactly, the democratic party is there for the taking. Bernie pounced away at the corporate democrats and they are starting to fall. The only people who don’t get it are the Hillary Clinton’s of the world who are blinkered by their neoliberal beliefs. We are starting to see a bold alternative vision emerge in the US. Take no prisoners and keep hitting the corporate democrats from all sides till they fully collapse.


And today Mrs May will deliver a “robust” (the BBC’s word) defence of the free market.

What’s interesting here is that after four decades of pretending this was about lowering taxes and freeing individual entrepreneurship, we are finally seeing the true nature of the Right’s passionately held ideology - an ideology it equally passionately denies is one. We’ve election after election without the main issue being declared, defined and contested.

For those of us who think there is such a thing as society, and that democracy is about participation in Government and through Government, power over the decisions that actually shape our lives, this is a good thing. We want regulation of the housing market and the supply of basic amenities. We want employment protection and social justice and a national health service. We want people’s good to be put before the right of a few to make enormous profit.

For those who despise regulation and want a free hand to make as much money as they like regardless of the consequences to the wider community, of course, it isn’t.

Hence the “robust” declaration of an ideology that claims it isn’t one, and the continuing underhand and slanderous attacks on Mr Corbyn and Labour.


Well said, riccotelaly!


He just needs to dismiss the Russia story as sour grapes (to tell the Russia story is to carry the MIC’s water ) and he should get behind the current civil action against the DNC.

Corbyn would have done no less. If Corbyn could have implicated Labour party elites in election fraud I doubt he would have blamed Russia instead.


More of your ‘reform from within’ dreams, Yunzer?

Gee, are you going to tell us to hold our noses and vote for the lesser of two evils (again) when the Clintons, Schumers, and Pelosis remain in charge and the hippie punching continues?

You know why reform from within never works? Because people like you fall in line, reform or not.