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Shunning Corporate Donors and Pledging People-Powered Campaign, Warren Shuttering Fundraising PAC


Shunning Corporate Donors and Pledging People-Powered Campaign, Warren Shuttering Fundraising PAC

Julia Conley, staff writer

Urging any Democratic candidates who launch 2020 presidential campaigns to follow suit, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) announced on Thursday that she is shutting down her joint fundraising PAC.


But Elizabeth, isn’t that exactly what happened in 2016 when you threw Bernie under the bus and backed the corporate, war mongering, Wall Street candidate?


When she runs as a Green or Independent I might take notice. Otherwise it is just another BS campaign.


…and just how did Bernie do it last go-round?..did he use some sort of joint venture thingy?..I donated 27 bucks to Bernie every time I had a little extra which wasn’t often…just sayin’


I wish Senator Warren the best. She will need it to debate Trump. Since its not what you say but how you say it and as pertains to the voting public, it will be a shrill voice vs an entertaining one.


I agree. She needs to take classes from a speech coach to tone down the screech.


How about this as a litmus test for Betty the beautiful: will she denounce Joe
Biden as a traitor for calling Assange a “high tech terrorist” and do it soon,
or take him on as her VP as did Obama? Progressives beware.


Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show is not the kind place to make this announcement.


Why do you think a Warren candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination BS?


Didn’t Bernie himself endorse Hillary Clinton in the general election?

You utopian nirvana does not exist. All of life is about compromises for fucking crying out loud - Unless, maybe, you are in some kind of position of white bourgeois coordinator-class privilege where politics does not actually directly impact you life.

For the rest of us, you do the best with the hand you are dealt with. Job #1 in 2016 was stopping the fascists. The job continues to be stopping the fascists. The other fights can resume after that is accomplished.


Becasue she is insufficiently pure. What a sufficient degree of purity would look like is completely unclear.


Still… it was a ballsy move, coupled with an invitation/challenge for other dems to follow suit. I do look forward to hearing what the ‘more’ corporate dems say in response.


No one is good enough so I guess we’ll just stay with what we got. How does that sound?


I prefer Tulsi Gabbard among declared candidates. Senator Warren supports Israel as a religious state. That is bothersome to me. I’m into separation of church and state and believe we should cut out geopolitical adventures, especially where religion is involved.


Not really… but in our particular system, democractic principles and democracy are indeed compromised for wealth and personal power. And those who enable this by supporting the compromised are just as responsible for the outcomes: a planetary biosphere in peril, a permanent state of war draining all potential to solve the crises. Have at it. I don’t have any kids or grand-kids to worry about.


Me neither- in fact the act of having kids to “replace” oneself is going against a clean environment.


Plenty of good questions to ask Warren in these post
I hope Main Street Media will ask them.


Or, maybe one might refused to play a rigged game by the riggers’ rules.


Ah, but it is… it more honestly represents Warren’s affinities than does her "me too"ing of Sanders’ words and deeds.


Of course she doesn’t mention public financing of campaigns and multiple other electoral reforms needed to run clean elections. Nah, we’ll just have 20 or so candidates soaking poor folks to pay for staff salaries, really stoopid ads, hotels, etc. The Kabuki Karnival Kontinues! Not to mention the fact that there are all kinds of ways to solicit big-time bribe money other than corporate PACs.