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'Shut It Down, Start Over, Do It Right': Medical Experts Urge US Lockdown to Stop Covid-19 Surge

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/24/shut-it-down-start-over-do-it-right-medical-experts-urge-us-lockdown-stop-covid-19


Trump “grew up” in a household in which Norman Vincent Peale’s message of The Power of Positive Thinking held great sway. I think this might be the source of much of his delusional nature. He believes that he has some power to will some things to be. The message this article brings is going to be one tough pill for him to swallow and we know that he won’t–he can’t–it goes against his will, which is everything to his emotionally stunted nature.


Accurate assessment !


"Continuing on the path we’re on now will result in widespread suffering and death. And for what? "

Well, so that more seniors and other highly at risk folks can continue to die and “save” social security? So that the delusions of Trump can continue to “save” his campaign for re-election (heaven help us all)??

“we’ve had a tremendous week uniting the country in our fight” against Covid-19.

Right. By beating up protesters??


The article informs the reader that:

“More than 117,000 Americans had died of Covid-19 by mid-June,” the experts wrote. “If our response had been as effective as Germany’s, estimates show that we would have had only 36,000 Covid-19 deaths in that period in the United States. If our response had been as effective as South Korea, Australia, or Singapore’s, fewer than 2,000 Americans would have died. We could have prevented 99% of those Covid-19 deaths. But we didn’t.”

That pretty much says it all in a nutshell. This entire situation can best be described as surreal when, as the above passage notes, there have been countries which have controlled this virus early [I would add Laos and Vietnam which, to date, have had zero deaths due to COVID-19] while the United States, a/k/a the greatest country in the world was, under its leader Donald Trump, in denial for months concerning the severity of this debilitating and deadly disease. There is simply no excuse why this country did not, like other countries, shut down at least by March and no excuse why such non-essential services such as hair salons, gymnasiums, tattoo parlors, bars, and restaurants are still allowed to remain open. And while Trump now thinks that it is a good idea for people to wear a mask he still refuses to make it mandatory for people to do that. And as a result of that inaction and bumbling over four million Americans have come down with this disease while close to one hundred and fifty thousand have died due to the Coronavirus.

Instead of engaging in hysteria over Russiagate the Democrats should have used their energy to instead impeach Trump for gross negligence for his deadly mishandling of this disease. But as expected this has not been done as the Democrats apparently think that their best course of action is to elect Joe Biden as Americans have been led to believe this November that their only two choices are between two individuals who have a great deal of difficulty speaking in a coherent and cogent manner. As George Carlin once remarked, this is the best that America can come up with.


If you go by the logic that the current rise in “cases” is due to opening up too soon, how do you explain NYC, where there were massive demonstrations for weeks. Where’s the spike there?

Has the virus run its course in the East and not the rest of the country?

Are we just going to play “wack-a-mole,” forever with this thing, or is there a better strategy like what was done in Sweden?

Shut down the whole damn USA. Shut down the oligarch’s economic and political system. Refuse to work for the corporate masters. Refuse to pay taxes that only go to their coffers instead of programs for the citizens. Put their fucking heads on pikes if necessary. Failure to do so will kill us all off as they steal everything for themselves. I know the article is only about the virus, but in the bigger picture the fucking oligarchs are the true virus we should be worried about.


It is unclear why you think that Sweden had a “better strategy” since that led to many more incidents of Swedes getting the disease and dying from it as compared to their Nordic neighbors, who advised their citizens to wear masks and engage in social distancing and kept non-essential services closed and as a result their COVID rates were much lower when compared to Sweden.


It may be you will need to explain the sarcasm to knee-jerk responses

This country must “lock up” one man, before it can “lock down” the entire nation.

Murderers tend to keep on murdering.


The main epidemiological expert behind Sweden’s “herd immunity” strategy has since apologized to his country and Europe for screwing it up.


Sweden deaths to COVID per million people 562. This in fact higher than in the uSA.

Denmark deaths to COVID per million people 106.


As per this article the Swedish economy gained no real benefits here and will suffer a contraction as great as neighboring Countries.


You must have had fun composing that!

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Actually Sweden is different than their Nordic neighbors. Per Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s State Epidemialogist, in a recent interview, “with its larger migrant populations and dense urban areas, Sweden is actually more similar to the Netherlands and the UK than it is to other Scandinavian countries.”

They admit they did not do a good job in the early stages of the virus protecting the elderly in Nursing Homes, which resulted in a higher death rate.

But they kept the schools open, implemented restrictions/social distances where necessary but did close the economy down.

And they are not, by in large, wearing masks. From the same interview:
“One reason is that the evidence base for using masks in society is still very weak. Even if more and more countries are now enforcing them in different ways … we haven’t seen any new evidence coming up, which is a little bit surprising. The other reason is that everything tells us that keeping social distance is a much better way of controlling this disease than putting masks on people. We are worried (and we get at least tales from other countries) that people put on masks and then they believe they can go around in society being close to each other, even going around in society being sick. And that, in our view, would definitely produce higher spread than we have right now.”

Their current cases, per John’s Hopkins data is at 78,997 with a death rate of 5697. Total population - 10 million.

Far fewer rabid anti-masker scum in NYC?


Oh really. I just Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s State Epidemiologist state the following:

“I think to a great extent it’s been a success. We are now seeing rapidly falling cases, we have continuously had healthcare that has been working, there have been free beds at any given time, never any crowding in the hospitals, we have been able to keep schools open which we think is extremely important, and society fairly open — while still having social distancing in place in a way that means that the spread of the disease has been limited.

The failure has of course been the death toll … that has been very much related to the long-term care facilities in Sweden. Now that has improved, we see a lot less cases in those facilities.”

This will be the Super Shutdown that Dylan Ratigan predicted with Jimmy Dore - a couple of months ago - in one of their:

BONUS! Corona-Money Talk with Dylan Ratigan! Episodes

Yep. We will have to. And to get through it will will need the UBI and Medicare For All that DR and JD discuss and that the “adult nations” have already been doing for many months.
Therefore - it won’t happen even under a Biden / Pelosi regime.

DO what you can to keep as many as you can - safe

We’re screwed


Our healthcare system (which has been rigged for 25 yrs so it can’t be fixed using a trade agreement nobody knows about) kills at least 85,000 people unnecessarily each year. Its probably killed much more than a million poor people. Unfortunately, that murder is bipartisan-enabled.

What can we do about that? I am pretty sure that they will get far worse if either of them is elected. Trump has made vague statements about “what a crappy deal” the WTO is for us, but has never been specific enough for people to understand or locate the big problem which is its services agreement. At the same time he has gone to great lengths to trigger as many of the various ratchets as he has been able to during his term. Most Americans dont know they ratchet in. All deregulation in covered areas ratchets in and cant be reversed except at a potentially huge punitive cost.

Biden is a known advocate for these deals which basically want to outsource jobs to the lowest bidders internationally. They areusing healthcare (education, etc) as a wedge to destroy decent paid skilled work.

This will be great for investors but will likely cause at least 50 million skilled jobs lost in the US, basically, the core jobs that anchor communities, including many jobs thought to be safe by those who do them. They have been lulled into a state of extreme ignorance by a well coordianted cover up of the facts. So the change will be brutal to them. Young people similarly will lose big, as they cannot be compensated in any way fr jobs they never get.

Lets hope that we all realize the big picture before its too late. This situation is likely behind Trump’s failure to care about coronavirus. The people of the US and the obligations they have to us, maybe not on paper but morally, stand in the way of their “ambitious” money making plans.

Think NAFTA for the rest of the good jobs. Particularly hard hit will be women and nonwhite people, as well as people with professional skills who in some cases are self taught - but whose years of experience has earned them a decent income. (They will be replaced in large quantities by recent grads from a belt of “authoritarian bargain” countries, working under nonimmigrant work visas. WTO is expected to take control of the national work visa systems in a case currently pending in the WTO, brought by India against the US. )

The big winners will be foreign staffing and “body shop” companies, and US companies who will vastly lower their labor costs. The jobs directly lost will likely have a multiplier effect as businesses that serve higher incoe people “the middle class” also close.

Delaware will be the state that gains the most, on paper, the rest of the country will likely do very badly, especially states with a high amount of professionals, IT and nursing, teaching, engineering and a few other firles will likely be hard hit. Tax reveues for communities will likely plummet.

The change will undermine the improvements in many immigrant communities due to immigrants also losing their jobs to “non-immigrant” guest workers in large numbers. This will have a ripple effect on the economy in many other countries. Money previously sent home by immigrants to the US and to a lesser extent Western Europe will plummet. (this change they are trying to bring about is worldwide) Generally Western European workers are far better protected by unions. Also the cost of buying our way out (so we cound implement something like a single payer system, replacing Medicare. That would cover everybody for their entire life, would become zilch because of the cost of reimbursing other countries for the expected lost profits they have been made entitled to by this agreement, which is supposed to be fully implemented in the near future.

The economic future of all Americans depends on this not happening. Its sick and twisted advocates - speaking to the ultra wealthy have found a receptive audience in their push to delegitimate the value of skilled labor. They have no idea of how difficult the work skilled professionals do is.

Using very bad, discredited models those who have advocated for what they call “services liberalisation” this past 30 years choose to only see information which supports their world view. But there is very little of it.

So their arguments dont stand up to any kind of real scrutiny. For that reason they have kept their scheme hidden, basically pretending to be two arguing parties, here in the US, they have captured the political system completely. This huge theft will be an inside job in every way.

This is a theft from the entire nation and the entire world.

Dont underestimate this cult’s capacity to do damage.

Because they are in power here, the media has not even mentioned this deal let alone critiqued its failed and debunked assumptions. But that needs to be done or we are committing economic suicide.

Please dont let them blame this on coronavirus which most certainly is their intent.

Coronavirus couldnt have come along at a better time to hide this global scheme which is supposed to concentrate the economic wealth of the entire planet, vastly increasing profits due to reduced labor costs.

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Anders Tegnell, “The failure has of course been the death toll … that has been very much related to the long-term care facilities in Sweden. Now that that has improved, we see a lot less cases in those facilities”.

Tegnell, you fu***** moron, they all died. I guess you would see that as an ‘improvement’ and ‘a lot less cases’.

An account I read weeks ago regarding Sweden’s genocide of the aged went thusly: An agent of a care facility called the son of a resident. The agent ask if he could transfer the mother to another facility. The son inquires why? Th agent replies, "She’s the only one left alive’.

May be a bit anecdotal but fits the facts on the ground.


That would be a start, but, Pence wont do it either, And, I have no confidence that Biden / Pelosi / schumer would do what is necessary to make that work either

eg. UBI, Medicare for all, Student Debt forgiveness, Cut War budget, etc etc