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'Shut This Place Down': Children Drugged and Given Forced Injections at Texas Detention Facility, Lawsuit Says


'Shut This Place Down': Children Drugged and Given Forced Injections at Texas Detention Facility, Lawsuit Says

Julia Conley, staff writer

As thousands of children remain in federal custody after being taken from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, federal court filings allege that children in at least one detention center in Texas have been forcibly given medications that have made them dizzy, lethargic, and even incapacitated.


C’mon, Republicans! Don’t give up now! All you need are gas chambers and ovens and you’ll become the full-fledged Nazis you’ve always wanted to be! You’re so close!

P.S. Where’s MMinLamesa? Shouldn’t he be here defending Trump and his policies? Maybe he’s sewing his brown shirt and swastika armbands…


People this is just a glimpse into the nightmare awaiting all of us. This shit is just getting started.


There are people who believe the world is 6,000 years old even though fossils contain impressions of life from 3.7 billion years ago. Other people believe white skin is a sign of a superior race. And there are those who actually believe Jews were chosen by God as the best people.

These various identities are taught to hate each other by rich people who fear that humanity will tire of poverty and unite against them. Rich people who own tall buildings and have slum lord New York values stoke hatred in order to maintain control. They have now gone so far as to steal children and then drug them if they are lonely for their parents.

How low will the upper class go? Tomorrow will show.


Yep… This is what most people dont understand. We are next! So I guess we need to start a Petition… We are a nation of Cowards who refuse to fight back. This is the beginning of our End game!


Trump is turning the US into the type of country the US has opposed for many decades. He seems to be almost a Stalin-like figure. And to make matters worse Stalin was not elected but Trump was. One poll reported that 9% of Americans support neo-Nazi policies. Somehow the whole concept of human rights has never sunk in to the minds of millions of Americans. These people would vote for gulags if Trump wanted to go in that direction. It is amazing how one man has managed to bring out the worst in so many people. The hate in these people was just waiting for the right person to come along and release it full force. Now that the hate is out there in full view is there any way to turn it off?


Let’s please not make it any worse than it has to be. The article clearly states (though far from the clickbait headline) that the lawsuit was filed in April, about a facility that hasn’t been mentioned in the current debacle, and the children in question had arrived unaccompanied.

The children in Shiloh, and the children taken under the recent policy, are not helped by speculating on how bad it could get, and especially by making it about us who are not in custody. Let’s focus on how to help the kids. That’s a big enough task.


We can analyze this situation in many ways, but the part no one wants to ever discuss are ways to physically stop these murderers. Why is that?


MM might been off defending Israeli crimes, as that is part of his/her workload too, you know.


Shining a light on the darkness at least brings it out in the open, so step one is accomplished. The next step…and this might be really really hard…Love! If the light is to win this battle, we all have to figure out how LOVE will look when facing the cretan/aliens now in power! Yes, I know. I have a ways to go too.


Sorry. clicked the wrong post.


Come on, Lux…The U.S. government has been headed in this direction since at least WWII, when thousands of Nazis were brought to the U.S. to work in various government organizations, including the C.I.A.


This fascist shit is coming at us like a steam roller. In my mind I listen to the lyrics of the French Marseillaise. So powerful and inspiring…


You joined June 8th…Let’s hear how you would stop them.


Thank you BK


Further irony: most of us Americans would have to pay a shit-ton of $$ if we needed any of these drugs on a regular basis for health reasons, either through our health insurance (those who can afford it) at a slightly reduced amount, or for those without health insurance they probably couldn’t afford these drugs at all. But the MAGA crowd has no problem giving these drugs away for free to immigrants - paid for by we taxpayers - as long as it helps keep the brown-skinned “infestation” in check.


Removed my own post.


So how are you helping the kids ? What’s you’re focus to help ? What’s you’re plan ?
You’re advocating that every one should remain calm, when the story talks about one facility, that was called to be shut down in 2014 by a TX rep. Clearly it wasn’t. We know that there is at least 70 other companies running facilities with kids in them. This is the only one with legal action taken against them that we know of. Do you really believe this one is the only one using drugs on kids ? Please tell me what’s it going to take to get you pissed off ? I fail to see how sitting on our asses helps anyone.


Who said anything about sitting on our asses?

I don’t happen to be in a situation from which I can run out to protest. But I’m a writer, and I’m spending most of my time lately, when I’m not losing sleep over it, tracking down real information, like the actual text of yesterday’s Executive Order, and sharing that information through my networks. What you doin’?


Yes, and where are the right-to-life-save-the-fetus folks?
These are actual living, breathing children that are being tortured here.