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Shutdown Offers Taste of the Suffering Poor and Vulnerable Know Too Well


Shutdown Offers Taste of the Suffering Poor and Vulnerable Know Too Well

Donna Smith

The drama around the shutdown may seem mostly political with the latest news barely touching on the pain felt by real people who believed they worked for all of us. While millions of us celebrated festive holidays, I know that many families had a season of worry that hasn’t ended yet. You probably know it too. And by the time Congress and the dysfunctional man in the White House get anything settled to end the government shutdown—now in its 19th day—the damage done to some families will take months to repair.


Donna, this might be a good time to confront that writer you mention. If I knew which issue you were referring to I would contact him/her. Solidarity!


“most businesses and financial institutions waiting for bill payment will not care why bills are not paid on time.”
There is an important corollary to the above quote. Most business and financial institutions don’t give a rat’s ass if the money they receive was made ethically or unethically, legally or illegally. They just want the damn money.


That is true, and remember Dump did not even pay contractors who did work for his businesses, and they had to take him to court. It it seven long years for him to start coughing up money, and by then they were broke and/or dead.


Have these federal workers not seen or heard the horror stories from the Vietnam War veterans about what the permanent gov’t does to people when they become " used goods "?
Who do they think some of the people sleeping under the tents and tarps are? They weren’t all always living in these conditions, you know? Or, do you?
This is what Federal workers and contractors get when the Republicans they vote for shut down the places where they work. Especially so, when they vote for subhumans like Donald Trump & Co. A white supremacist with 40 years of real practice at it, too. Brown people are easy prey. White people are getting easier, too.
I hope you like that big new SUV you bought with $0 down /72 months to pay. And, it has enough room for the kids, the toys and the air mattresses. Get a trailer hitch installed and you can drag even more broken promises and dreams along with you. The churches will now let you sleep in their parking lots as long as you don’t pee or die there.


Who is this directed to?


I don’t know. " I just want to go back to work " and not think about why you ask such hard ???s