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Sick and Dying, They Brought Themselves Down Here to Speak - To No One

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/06/11/sick-and-dying-they-brought-themselves-down-here-speak-no-one

I try not to be an emotional person, this subject defeats my inner emotions. I confess, as I write this I have tears streaming down my face, and my hands are shaking.
Thank You Jon Stewart, and thank you to everyone who has stood by my Firefighter brothers and sisters.
Christine Todd Whitman, I hope you rot in hell, you evil spawn of satin.
Everyone else, PLEASE demand you’re congresscritter support this legislation. These men and women deserve nothing less.


What a country. Plenty of money to kill people and none to heal people, not even those who deserve it most.


Poor fools they thought they were American patriotic citizens doing their jobs, serving their fellow Americans in distress. Not realizing that 911 was cooked up in Washington, carried out with the help of Israelis, Saudis and Pakistanis. These poor souls still don’t realize that America is no one’s country but a home base for terrorist pirates where global attacks are planned and executed.


This is in some way analogous to thanking soldiers for their service, and then treating them with disregard when they return home with PTSD. We are Exceptional at lip service.


Agreed, RF. There are many other names that belong on the list, along with Whitman.


Sadly, the MONUMENT to 9/11 seemed more important.
That concern seems to be a paramount one~ A monument to the brave, but of course, health care for the slowly dying is too much trouble. But then , we’ve seen this before and it happens to the soldiers in every war: words of praise—but down the line come the cuts in care.
Fire Fighters and the police are like the warriors when a city is attacked—but I don’t know what to call people in Congress that have no empathy.—maybe heartless?

Maybe it’s time once again for my favorite suggestion----as in days of old, when war was declared and Kings and royals and lords all went to war along with the serfs. Next declared war, close down Congress and all you Congress people suit up and go----maybe then you’ll realize how much we all have to work together for a nation-Everybody serves —or cancel the wars. If you are harmed, then know that your nation will help to repair you or continue your support for life. BUT if you can’t help these responders—then why would any sane American become a soldier, or a firefighter?


This should be a wake-up call for First Responders, around the country, to stop voting for Republicans. But, what do you bet that they don’t stop such stupidity…


I don’t know what it is with firefighters. Many are very conservative even here in so called liberal Massachusetts. I had to call them to help my 94 year old grandmother. They came into the hall and saw all my grandfather’s WWII and Fire Department medals, flags and memorabilia and automatically assumed my grandma was a Trump supporter. They started talking about him and I quickly had to inject, “Oh please, don’t say his name in front of her!” My grandma is a 94 year old feminist who would push Trump into a vat of acid if she thought she could get away with it.

We have a lot of contacts in the BFD and many of them are still Trump supporters. Firefighters are stubborn and sometimes their own worst enemy.


Welcome on board! And thanks SO much for your comment. Further, I think I would like your grandma a LOT!


I don’t know either; but, it’s the same here in southern Maine. Republicanism appears to appeal to the rugged individualist who is also very much a team player. Would/does your grandfather approve of Trump?

Sounds like you’ve been very fortunate to have spent a lot of time with your grandmother. I envy you that.

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No question, but Whitman was the one that ordered the removal of respirators at WTC, and assured everyone the air quality was fine.


Yes, and shortly after she announced the air was fine, without even testing it, a lone conscientious federal employee with I think the US Geological Service had the DELTA Group from California come to NYC and sample the air at the site. That sampling showed the presence of iron microspheres in the air, and the only way that can happen is when iron is boiling.

The only way iron can boil is with extremely high temperatures.

Extremely high temperatures cannot result from burning office furnishings as the NIST report stated.

The lady from EPA was covering up a deep dark secret. The reason those first responders and fire fighters working at Ground Zero are and have been sick (little mention was made of those who have already died) with cancers consistent with nuclear radiation is because nuclear events took place that day.

RIP Matt Tartaglia and all the others who made the ultimate sacrifice.


Sorry timebr, need to amend those words.

The Dedicated People that continually come the the table to save yours and my bacon are not fools.

They are Pillars of our Society, giving their lives so that we may have a sense of security for our Communities and Families.

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PS the conspiracy theories and personal politics are an aside to the daily grind that puts their lives in danger.

Give them Credit for the Job that they do.

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9-11 False Flag operation… The attacks on NY was an inside job, A Controlled Demolition. Why was a 3rd building brought down without a jet plane impact?

“The bigger the lie, the easier it is to pass as the truth”…
When will people stop believing the government lies?
This was the only way that the US Government could justify its destruction of the Middle Eastern countries for their oil & mineral wealth…natural resources to keep the US Military going…


Yes. Just doing her job.

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Don’t inject utter nonsense about nuclear events happening that day distracting from the actual verifiable evidence based inquiry from a group of ________ that I dare not mention or else.

Perhaps that is not your intention, perhaps you’ve been bamboozled into countering the one group of researchers that stand to make the most impact. Well at least you haven’t mentioned DEW. But really, the Nukes theory, DEW, CGI…all of those are most definitely intended to divide and distract those who have legitimate questions about the official narrative.

What you are describing is an arc blast from the direct short to ground for the high voltage
Read up, they will smoke you, leave only your shoes glued to the ground

category-4 arc-flash protection, similar to a bomb suit is unlikely to protect a person from the concussion of a very large blast, although it may prevent the worker from being vaporized by the intense light of the flash.

High voltage shorts are explosive plasma events

Arc slag is possible, and may have occurred. However, there was not enough arc-melting to account for the many tons of iron-rich microspheres mixed throughout the so-called “dust” all over lower Manhattan on roofs, balconies, sidewalks and streets.