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Sick and Dying, They Brought Themselves Down Here to Speak - To No One

If anybody has been bamboozled, it is that part of the public who still believes that the NIST explanation of office fires and gravity as the cause of the damage observed is a valid explanation. The only way that could be valid is for the laws of physics as we know them to have been suspended for the day.

The cancers present in that sample of people called the first responders are corroboration of many other facts showing the presence of nuclear events there that day.

Matt Tartaglia of Perkasie PA, now deceased, disagreed with you.

Surely mainstream media swept it under the rug, but Tartaglia described in detail the nuclear protocols employed in 3 different spots at Ground Zero, also observed from a US satellite and described as “hot spots”. He eventually lost his teeth and died, RIP.

Not to retry the case here, but the case for nukes is compelling, and will not be tolerated in the mainstream media for a reason.

I’m not advocating the research of NIST. Dig deeper.

Funny, it SOUNDS like you are somehow defending NIST and the official story…

NIST wasn’t research at all. It was, like the Warren Report, political machination to protect the guilty parties and offer only cover-up and deception.

We digress.

Man, do I miss Jon Stewart! He was a nightly reminder that not all Americans are jerks, like the lunatics who regularly get their names on ballots and their faces on TV.