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'Sick': Most Profitable US Companies Fired Workers, Enriched Shareholders During Pandemic

Hi Beli_Tsari:

Oh I think that saddest and worst job emotionally would be the doctors and nurse who work so hard to help people----but so many covid patients die anyway. : (

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I’m noticing, only WSWS, ProPublica, KHS, InTheseTimes & occasionally, Stat seem to report regularly on these, our greatest heros (like, when they’re terminated for posting truth, online; have their remuneration CUT, again; are forced to work, sick or chronically debilitated or commit suicide). I’d followed physicians’ blogs and Tweets from China, on. Posted any number, here (we’d caught it ~Mar 10, in NYC as local nurses, first responders & respiratory specialists were posting horror stories). The ubiqutous use of ventilators on folks surviving strokes& heart attacks long enough to make it to ER & ICU were just as predicted by several virologists & clinicians decrying private equity takeover and parting-out our failing medical systems. We’d have 30-40% of victims pretty much, decide to die at home infecting loved ones. Ambulances idled in the empty ice and snow covered streets. It was terrifying, just to have a low viral load/ mild case, since the pro-imflammatory cytokine stuff only really hit us on day 14. The physicians were watching folks stroke, just trying to prone them. Folks had to ride MTA or bicycle to work SICK, living in used trailers, eating junk food, to keep from infecting vulnerable loved ones, then go right back to having terrified folks die in their hands. Every time I see our political/ media hacks, I get sick. It’s ALREADY pretty impossible to recover, from civil suits, here. Wear a REAL mask.






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