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'Sickening': Bill Shine Goes From Covering Up Sexual Harassment at Fox News to Trump's White House


'Sickening': Bill Shine Goes From Covering Up Sexual Harassment at Fox News to Trump's White House

Julia Conley, staff writer

While President Donald Trump's appointment of former Fox News executive Bill Shine to a top communications role was unsurprising to critics, many denounced the selection as the latest signal that the president holds contempt for the concerns of women.

By appointing Bill Shine - the coverup man for widespread sexual-harassment at Fox News - to a prominent White House position, Donald Trump has issued his 150,000th F.U. to women. Sickening.


They can use him to Shine up all the Turds in the White House. He will be very busy!


‘“Abusers and their enablers love hiring each other.”’

Let’s lock them up in a middle school locker room for a weekend to work through their considerable issues. No clothes, no towels, no running water. Lord of the Flies meets The Breakfast Club.


Just in case we women did not get the fact that this moral midget authoritarian made his views known about women with his promise of picking a RoeVs Wade opponent “justice”.


The corrupt, depraved, racist and sexist, environmental rapists & exploiters, corporate greedy, 1% and for-profit everyone, are all drawn together, like flies on shite, to this most despicable and un-American of any “administration” (that’s a laugh - regime is far more fitting and accurate). not another even comes close In living memory!

The ignorance, shallowness, pathological lying, and depraved indifference to everything that actually make any nation “great” are displayed by this regime…that term - “great” - is one with no real in-depth meaning, just a shallow rallying-cry from the verbally and mentally-challenged ginger pig for the other idiots & chumps…


The FOX MEWS dirt bags are taking over the W. House to give Trump some company. We should take over FOX and make it our own Real News Station.


When we speak about the “War on Women” can we really believe that these things happen spontaneously?

’Sickening’: Bill Shine Goes From Covering Up Sexual Harassment at Fox News to Trump’s White House

As the right-wing news outlet’s co-president, Shine allegedly helped to cover up the sexual harassment faced by many women at the network at the hands of powerful men including TV host Bill O’Reilly and CEO Roger Ailes. According to former Fox News personalities Julie Roginsky and Andrea Tantaros, Shine was dismissive of accusations against Ailes, helped to arrange meetings between Ailes and women he had sexually harassed, and suppressed reports of misconduct.

"For years, Bill Shine actively covered up Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly’s sexual misconduct at Fox News, created and fostered a toxic work environment at the network, and actively retaliated against women who reported their abuse," Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet, said last month as the White House was weighing Shine’s possible new role.

Trump himself has been accused of sexual misconduct and assault by at least 16 women—and has been recorded bragging about such conduct. He is also currently considering at least two potential Supreme Court nominees who have expressed opposition to abortion rights, has terminated the White House Council on Women and Girls, and has publicly derided a number of female journalists on the basis of their looks.


Perfect fit. Women of the White House, beware !


He’ll fit right in.


SuspiraDeProfundis… you took those thoughts right out of my thinking. I thought Shine to polish the turd sucking out Dumps ahole.


Maybe Mr. Shine can clean up Donald Trump’s deplorable record of sexual harassment, abuse and assault?


Who’s next up for Trump’s campaign? Kevin Spacey?


iTrumpet watches several hours of fox news per day!

Before or after work? Where? In the special presidential quality time room?

Are his gps implants on or off?


This was exactly why Fox News was created. It was first to serve as a mouthpiece for conservative punditry. It was then to morph into a propaganda network for all things libretarian and federalist. That network would then not only steer conservative thought in the USA, but eventually suggest and create policy.
The next and last step is now being taken. The propagandists are taking their place at the right hand of their creation.


Whats more Sickening is this problem is getting worse while NO ACTION. Has been taken to forceably take these slimeballs out…


Is Shiny married? Does he have children? Daughters? If so, I wonder how he treats them. “Closet misogynist” doesn’t apply to either tRump or Shiny. They are full-out in the open for all to see. This bromance borders on some kind of perversion. Times like these try my Moderatus persona.


There is not enough Mr Clean on the planet to do that!


Drip . . . Drip . . . Drip. That is the sound of the sloooow leak of women’s support for the crude and lewd misogynistic cabal. Wake-up ladies and grab your self-respect.


I suppose Bill will give a thrill to Sarah Huckabee Sanders by “shining” up to her.


The party of Dennis Hastert to the party of Trump.