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'Sickening' Killing of Wolf Pack Proceeds Despite Research Debunking Program


'Sickening' Killing of Wolf Pack Proceeds Despite Research Debunking Program

Nika Knight, staff writer

Washington state has the remaining five members of a pack of gray wolves in its gun sights this week, after assassinating six members of the pack for killing cattle that a local rancher had sent to graze atop their den.

"This wolf family has been shattered by the loss of the breeding alpha female and five other members. All that's left is an adult male and a few four-month-old pups."
—Noah Greenwald,
Center for Biological Diversity


In Northern Alberta, in that area where the Tarsands are, there a precipitous loss in the numbers of Cariboo. Rather than acknowledge this a result of habitat loss, the Governmnet has decided it due to too many wolves and have commenced to kill the "excess population".

To every perceived problem, it seems there this group of people that just want to kill their way out of it. This notion that a persons ability to make a profit at the expense of all else is inane.

Some call it "Freedom and liberty". I call it obscene and venal.


Man, this makes me sick! Here in Montana the wolves are blamed for everything (if Clinton gets elected it will be because of the wolves!) These government killing squads are wholly ineffective. Science has proven that in trying to cull coyote populations it sends the coyotes into a breeding frenzy. And always for the livestock industry, that's one hell of a lobby here in the west. Another campaign is in effect here as well, they are trying to delist the Yellowstone Grizzly which would open the doors for trophy hunts on the bears. Learn more here and sign the petition here.


It seems there is only one species on earth with "excess population".


Our society appears to be sociopathic and psychopathic. These news articles are alarming for so many reasons but the fact that humans would destroy their own ecosystem and their only habitat in the name of profit tells me that we are truly ill. We can only hope that more animal activist stand up for these innocent animals.


So which is more important to man's survival, eating a beef steak or allowing wolves to prosper?


Raising cattle is a waste of energy and people don't need to have nearly as much of it as they think/feel they do. It certainly isn't necessary to survive and the cost of having cheap meat available to humans is hurting our environment in multiple ways.


Sounds like if someone killed Len McIrvin, the problem would go away...


Allowing Wolves to prosper, no-brainer! And when the blood thirsty mobs kill off the last remaining wolves, bears, and all the other beautiful animals, you can survive on what will remain, your Soylent Green.


If nothing else, this story illustrates just how ineffective public protests are. Politicians pay ZERO attention to what the public wants--they follow the stink of money and cater to those who line their pockets with lucre. Our bureaucracy is replete with venal self serving ignorant jerks who gladly serve their masters regardless of the consequences to the public good. It's purely nauseating.


more CO2 in the atmosphere from cattle production than auto exhaust.


Moronic rednecks


This is where inflexible, wrong-headed bureaucratic policy gets incredibly frustrating.

Sounds like Mr. McIrvin is a real piece of work, sacrificing his own cattle to eliminate the wolves.


My solution is to shock collar predators and place transmitters on domestic, farm animals and property. The collars would give the predators a graduated shock as they approach closer to transmitters. They will soon learn avoidance and will coexist with humans and their animals.

Also shock collar McIrvin just for fun.


Exactly. Another of the good reasons to go vegetarian, or nearly so.


It just makes me want to cry...


I think the snipers should at least have the cajones to hunt the wolves on the ground rather than from the safety of a helicopter. Killing wolves from a helicopter isn't hunting...it's slaughter. After all, the "hunter" has a high powered rifle with a telescopic sight and all the wolves have are their teeth and claws. Of course in even an unfair fight such as this, I'll put my money on the wolves.


It's stories like these that really makes it hard to feel sorry for humans killing themselves through nuclear war or climate change.


It is so unbelievably wrong and short sighted, I do not find words for it.


Yes, you said it yourself, any kind of hunting is unfair, but the ultimate cowardly way is with the helicopter. I do hope the wolves will find ways to survive all this.They deserve it, humans don't.