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'Sickening, Shameful, Heartless': With Trump Policies Sowing Fear Across Immigrant Communities, Number of Children in Detention Explodes to Record Levels


'Sickening, Shameful, Heartless': With Trump Policies Sowing Fear Across Immigrant Communities, Number of Children in Detention Explodes to Record Levels

Julia Conley, staff writer

Immigrant rights advocates and lawmakers are demanding the Trump administration address the ongoing crisis caused by its rampant detention of children, after it was reported Wednesday that the number of minors being held in U.S. government custody is at its highest ever recorded—with President Donald Trump's hard-line immigration policies to blame.


this problem will only get worse and who do we blame? the policies leading to the families not stepping up to claim their children instead of the jackass who is threatening them.


Next on the agenda! Those Children are a drain on resources and should earn their keep. They should be “leased out” as laborers to farmers and Corporations in return for their food, shelter and health care!

Yes sarcasm but I can guarantee you someone somewhere is advocating this very thing.


People have asked how the German People let Hitler and his Nazis take control of the nation and the people. Asked why didn’t the German people rise up and throw him and his gang out.
*Now, people are asking the same question of the US Fourth Reich.
In Germany, the People didn’t think he could possibly suceed. They thought the Reichstag would hold him in check, then they thought the courts would stop him. Then Hindenburg made him Reichkanzler and he appointed all of his cronies as his “cabinet.” Meanwhile, Hitler turned the Gestapo, the SS and the SA loose on the people. Thousands died or were sent to concentration camps for opposing or questioning the Third Reich and soon, Hitler and his minions had total control over the nation and the executions could really begin.
Look around you, People, as the reign of Twitler and his minions really begins.
It is up to us to stop him, but will we…?


Amazingly similar to what Trump and his fascist, cronies keep beating their drums about. " The economy is great! The economy is great! The economy is great!" The German economy was also becoming great in the 1930’s and that was especially true to German citizens who joined the Nazi party.


While it’s easy to agree with your comparison, you don’t have to look too far to see what created the potentially of a Trump like situation. The GOP for decades have not been a responsible or moral organization. It’s not a matter of the Democrats being overseers for sane, sensible leadership with an understanding of what needed to be done. In this they failed, and failed horribly. When our elected officials, along with the MSM, allowed powerful and wealthy sources to buy influence in the decision making processes of our government, the potentially for a Trump or other horrific scenarios was virtually guaranteed. Those powerful and wealthy sources are always there in a capitalist system, always ready to push ahead as far as they can. Always. To understand that is to understand how far removed we are from a functioning democracy. Yet if you look at the movements that are making their presence known all over the place you can see that they are saying just that. Although an atheist, I can’t think of a stronger acclaim than to say Thank god!!! Our fellow human beings, very much the younger generations, understand the reality totally. And while the reality of US history is more complex than a simplified Dick and Jane tale I have to think that the history of 1930’s Germany also has deeper roots.


Paying campaign support with contracts to detaining children.


You know, it’s always about money, isn’t it? Money for walls, ICE, boarder patrol, cages, camps, security this, security that. It’s never made sense to me that children are being held so far from the actual border in cities like New York or Chicago. I guess you have to spread the money around. The children are a commodity. That’s pretty damned sick. What I find more concerning is the silence from the churches on this issue. Or I am I deaf?