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'Sickening': Trump Mocks Asylum-Seekers Fleeing Violence at Michigan Rally

'Sickening': Trump Mocks Asylum-Seekers Fleeing Violence at Michigan Rally

Jake Johnson, staff writer

During a rambling and lie-filled rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan Thursday night, President Donald Trump mocked asylum-seekers fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries, suggesting that they are not actually afraid for their lives.

Truth is dead, and They have killed it.


So true!

From Climate News Network…
The WMO report also singles out the plight of those forced by climate change to leave their homes and become refugees, either within their own countries or abroad. Out of 17.7 m people classified as internally displaced persons (IDPs) tracked by the International Organization for Migration, it says, by September 2018 over 2 m people had been displaced by disasters linked to weather and climate events.

According to the UN refugee agency UNHCR’s Protection and Return Monitoring Network, about 883,000 new internal displacements were recorded between January and December 2018, of which 32% were associated with flooding and 29% with drought.

Flooding in our own country is way under reported, Pine Ridge is being wiped-out. It isn’t just violence, we have a pissed-off planet as well.

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I still maintain that Denial is the single most powerful ability of the human mind.
Only you/I can switch it on and only you/I can shut it down.
Trumps minions have switched it on , en masse . A kind of hundredth monkey effect.


In the rump’s own mind, he has been exonerated of everything by the Mueller report. He will now be even more dangerous and delusional. There is no bottom for him and the republic party.


An emboldened arrogant criminal is vulnerable to mistakes . If one feels they are invincible they will not even try to hide their criminality , thus exposing themselves to prosecution. Let’s wait and see.


The problem is that Trump is heading for re-election.

America apparently is buying into his vile disgusting bullshit.

We are returning to pre-civil war Bigotry.

Trump has awakened the prejudice and hatred so many Americans have for foreigners.

They cheer wildly to encourage his disgusting personality.

Obviously we have always been a Nation of Warmongering degenerates it took a demented human being to reveal our contempt for strangers we share the planet with.


What goes around comes around people. His lessons will come.

In the meantime, stay real and be kind.


Trump supporters, and yep, Republicans in general, are emotionally / psychologically damaged individuals. (How they got that way is another discussion). Their brains have become hard-wired for this crap. You aren’t going to get through to them with facts, history, reality, or love. They cannot relate to an issue unless and until that issue jumps up and bites them in their own personal ass. They are operating in a different (potentially suicidal) ‘reality’. I’ve given up even trying. I think a trained child psychologist might have a chance at getting through but I’m not trained in that discipline and don’t have the patience any more.


…and sadly, headed for the same ‘solution’ - again.

And the fact that they use a book containing one of the greatest egalitarian messages in history, the Sermon on the Mount, to switch on their denial is beyond the pale of irony. Of course the conservatives prefer the first testament immensely to secure their alleged superiority and stress the last chapter of the second testament to fuck the minds of the masses to mush.

Yes, there is much denial in all of this; it overflows in the crowds that attend these sick rallies. There is also a touch of denial in the liberal and progressive press, though, in articles like this that constantly focus on Trump and only Trump, and avoid the equally dangerous subject of his rabid followers. It should makes us anxious and uncomfortable to think these people are our neighbors, but refusing to acknowledge it is denial, too. Trump didn’t create these people; they’ve always been with us. All Trump has done is given them a voice and a leader to promote their hateful agenda. It is denial in the extreme, as well, to think that getting rid of Trump will make these people disappear. Now that they’ve had a taste of power, they will eagerly seek another Trump, if need be and, make no mistake, they’ll have no problem finding one.


Assolini and the RepubliCons are ramping up with more and more hate filled everything, lies being their playbook mainstay.
Looking like collapse in real time given that just about every sector is stressed to the max.

In response to Trump’s ability to fire up his base, Nancy Pelosi plans to talk about paygo and form prayer circles in which d-party faithful beg their God for a recession before 2020.


When you believe in the illusion of survival of the fittest ,and that you are superior to the other ,this is what happens
It’s at the level of belief that creates our on the ground reality .

Can we not see this ?


It is dead to THEM - we ALWAYS have the choice to fight the diseases inflicted.

It would seem that our task is to present truth, again, again, and again, patiently accurately, with increasing numbers with increasing frequency and with increasing joy.

Bioneers has posted a conversation with Gabor Maté:
Inner Resilience: Back to our true nature

We should stop making excuses for Trump supporters and fans.

They are, to use a Trump phrase, very bad people.

The root problem is not Trump.

The problem is the 50+ million people who think Trump is fit - in every way imaginable - to be POTUS.


Dump is a crude manifestation of a long term ongoing sickness within the American psyche; and it appears quite more than likely the malady will remain even if the current obnoxious orange symptom leaves without causing too much damage.


I find that the failure to recognize the original idea of “capacity to adapt” as being based on the same premises as predatory capitalism: exclude any and all actual costs that you can get away with. That is: internalization of denial.

If you think about it, what this process sets in motion is a rickety structure designed to support voids, holes, interconnected voids and interconnected holes. In other words, it is not first and foremost a structure of integrity, it is a bunch of empty spaces trying to remain viable.
Inherent to the premises are- of course - the absolute necessity for CONSTANT EXPANSION. Duh.

The uproarous reality, were it not the tragic quintessential recipe it is for complete annihilation (note constant “small scale” annihilation MUST be ongoing), is the profile of the true believers:

  • clawing at whatever it can for “identity” plating - like gold plating. Think Bernays and Freud. They are positioned to be causal presences - but RARELY regarded as symptoms.

Yuppers, the parasite lives to kill the host.