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Sickeningly Obvious Note To Drumpf: Skittles Are Candy. Refugees Are People. Duh


Sickeningly Obvious Note To Drumpf: Skittles Are Candy. Refugees Are People. Duh.

Who ARE these cretins? Going as low as any "family of pond scum grifters" can go, elephant-killing mini-Drumpf has followed up on his latest Holocaust joke to compare desperate Syrian refugees to, yes, poisoned Skittles, to warn us of the dangers therein. We can't even. His ghastly analogy sparked appalling revelations about its Nazi origins, considerable outrage on Twitter, and a brisk rebuke from the manufacturer: "Skittles are candy. Refugees are people."


Yes, Trump's ad is sickening - a good example of his inhumanity toward the refugees who would probably still be living at home but for a conflict the U.S. and its allies have exacerbated. A good example of his bigotry toward Muslims.

But trying to tie Trump to Nazis because the statement is somewhat thematically similar to an anti-Semitic bit of Nazi propaganda is also propagandizing.

Disgusting as Trump's statement is, it isn't anywhere near this:

"Yes, my child! Just as a single poisonous mushrooms can kill a whole family, so a solitary Jew can destroy a whole village, a whole city, even an entire Volk [nation].”


"Who are these cretins?"
They represent (and often are) Republican politicians.
They got a real good start by getting away with the wmd lie, and the hundreds of thousands dead, maimed and traumatized as a result.
Then Don became their candidate.


I am reasonably? somewhat? sure that none of us watches MSM or, increasingly, the Propaganda Bullshit Network, formerly PBS [note the screamingly large image DAVID H. KOCH as a major donor.] These lousy excuses for humanity, the Kochs, poison and dirty everything they put their creepy murderous greed-driven hands to.

I cannot for the life of me get enthusiastic about Shillery. Especially not after reading "Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton," by esteemed journalist Diana Johnstone. One can purchase from Counterpunch; it may well be available @ Better World Books or one's local library. It was HRC who persuaded Obama to bomb the very life out of Libya. She had her filthy murderous hands all over overthrow of the Honduran government, and on and on. Read this book.

Don't know what to do. A vote for the orange haired loudmouth sociopath is like voting for Hitler.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz w/help from the Dems' 'ESTABLISHMENT" in many states and w/the blessing of Shillery , RIGGED MANY of the states' primaries, or I/you wouldn't have this problem because BERNIE SANDERS would have won those many primaries. And Bernie alwys beat The Orange One by yuuuuuge margins.

IS ANYBODY WORKING TO BRING BERNIE BACK given the revelations of the Lying Clinton's health? Joe Biden is a sociable, very pleasant very nice guy, but he is unfortunately part of the Democratic Establishment which scare the living hell out of me. I am a Democrat no longer; I am a PROUD PROGRESSIVE.


That deceased little boy looks a lot like my grandson. It simply breaks my heart. My feelings would not change if he did not look like my grandson. He was part of a family and I am sure that their heart will be broken for the rest of their lives. We are all human beings, we all love the same and feel the same feelings unless the person has been broken by the mess that the selfish rich create.



The Democrat establishment does not want Bernie and Trump is surging ahead of Hillary. She needs to drop out and endorse Bernie or Democrats are toast.


Cz, maybe I could agree with you. But a part of me is screaming,"But.....but....but....if trump had as free a rein as can be had here, how close would he come to Hitler, henchmen, benighted Nazis, et al? How far will he go in his own islamophobia, his fanning the flames of same, and his ugly anti-Mexican crap? Who would have ever dreamed he'd have got away with what he, in fact, has to date?"


I won't back Bernie any more. 1--his being out front would put him or his into the same danger he was threatened with before he backed off and said he'd support killery. 2--a lot of people were disappointed in Bernie and he lost his grip....let's all go to Jill and give her a fighting chance.


We are all skittles now.


That would have to be one gigantic bag of skittles (Yes, I know people aren't skittles). The number of terrorists would be far less than a couple of skittles compared to a bag. Let's face it though, out of 100,000 or more, it is quite likely there would be at least one terrorist that may very well kill Americans. Pro-refugee voices should admit that terrorists may slip through but that the number would be so low that it does not outweigh the good that can be done by taking in these desperate people. Generally speaking, both sides have good points in any argument. We need to be able to admit that, while persuading why one argument outweighs the other. The idea that one argument is true and the opposition is wrong is usually too simple and will not advance the conversation; instead, it further polarizes us.


Trump is a nightmare, no question about it.

Clinton too.

If either becomes President we, and the world, are in for a very bad time.

Don't pick your poison, pick your cure: Dr. Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka 2016


Thank you for pointing out the bleeding obvious, that those photos do indeed show the result of the actions of our current President and former Secretary of State. I read the article expecting the next paragraph to point that out but it never came. For myself I can not view the picture of the drowned boy and not hear Hillary Clinton cackling over the death of Gaddafi.


There is no doubt in my mind. Fear, yes.
I am voting for Jill/Greens.


I may vote for Jill knowing full well she doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell, if it helps the Green Party get over 2% in the polls.

With T and H, we're screwed no matter who wins. Most of us realize that and I think we would get over our anger with Bernie and back him if he got back in the race, particularly if H drops out and endorses him for the good of her party (talk about a snowball's chance in hell). Bernie had said he would back the Dem candidate and kept his word. We can't fault him for that.

Bernie would have an excellent chance of winning. An almost guaranteed win, I daresay. But Democrats don't want him even if we get Trump. Their Wall Street oligarchy bribes are in danger if Bernie won. If H left the race, they would run Kane or Biden, who won't make waves in the status quo.


Yes, the Democrats, too.


The same cackle she made when asked to release the tran$cripts of the $peeches she gave to Goldman Sachs.
Offensive enough that she spoke to one of the major players in the 2008 crash.
Let them eat money.


While we're using all these images of human suffering to point out the issues with a terrible, inhuman analogy, let's keep in mind this: If there is one person on this planet responsible for all this suffering it is, unquestionably: Hillary Clinton. If you really want to help refugees, then do not vote for Clinton! Keep Clean, Vote Green


Unquestionably only one person responsible?

I question your reasoning.


"If there is..." please re-read. If Clinton was never SOS, this refugee crisis would not be happening. The same if Jill Stein was president instead of Obomber. If Clinton becomes president, it will certainly get worse, imo.


Don't act so high and mighty. These images would not be possible without the direct input of Clinton and Obama. I am sickened by it all. As far as I know, Trump is the only Democrat or Republican presidential candidate that has publically stated the he would end the wars in the middle east. Perhaps that is why he is universally disliked by the major party players.