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Siding With Billionaires Against Workers, Supreme Court's Janus Ruling 'An Assault on Labor Movement'


Siding With Billionaires Against Workers, Supreme Court's Janus Ruling 'An Assault on Labor Movement'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday dealt a blow to worker rights, ruling 5-4 that public sector unions cannot collect so-called "fair share" fees that help unions represent all workers, including non-unionized ones.


I feel sick to my stomach from this reactionary 5 majority on the supreme court.

When can we impeach and remove these 5 anti-democratic monsters?


The Roberts Court will go down in history as the removal of the 3 branches of government and an expansion of the executive branch. With a nonexistent Congress, what do we have?


My biggest concern is the disregard of stare decisis in the decision. This is going to come back and bite everyone by making the Court even more political than it has already become.


If our next President truly represents the people, the only option will be to pack the court (add more justices), as Roosevelt threatened to do.


…I’m glad to see some optimism.


What else can you expect from a court populated by former corporate lawyers and prosecutors, appointed by Duopoly presidents, and given a rubber stamp of approval by a Duopoly Kabuki Kongress?

This and the fact that the bulk of the official U.S. labor movement (including public sector unions) became part of the National Security State and true believers in business unionism with the passing of Taft-Hartley and the subsequent merger of the AFL-CIO.

A weak labor movement yields bad labor law and begging instead of bargaining.


Why do these billionaires want to take away from everyone else? If I had that kind of money, I would be helping people and animals even more! This sickens me beyond belief


They are there for life I am afraid. They reversed a 1977 decision that helped unions. Why side with billionaires? I guess these “people” just want the rest to die out, then they can fight each other. Someone will have to be their maid.


This implies that the other four are small-d democrats. They are along way from it, even though they’re not quite as bad as (NOT)Fab Five.


The supreme court is back in the control of elitists who have a partisan agenda to destroy the rights of the people of the U.S. in favor of the wealthy and powerful. Do not expect reason or deliberation - their minds are made up or were made up for them by the Heritage Foundation or the Federalist Society. They work for them - not the US people. Don’t know why we have to pay their salaries or permit them to sit there for the rest of their lives when they don’t share the values of the people of the U.S. or adhere to justice and liberty for all.


If they are there to destroy rights then they should be tried for treason period.


Hope Mark Janus is run out of town and fired from his job. He is an old coger probably retired who was not a member of the union and felt that he should not have had to pay fees. That union helped him get his pension, vacations, salary, and many other rights. My take is if you take a job that is union organized then stop crying or take another type of job. This creep was also said to have been funded by the Kochs. He does not like unions either because they traditionally support dems ( according to him, and dems support woman’s rights. Yep, that is how insane this is. Perhaps this will backfire, and even more people will demand that there work have a union. The South does not believe in unions, and still supports right to work for less or excuse me slave wages. These greedy SOBs deserve to be run out of town. A school teacher ( about to retire) complained suddenly last year that she didn’t want to pay union dues. People found out that she was being funded by the Kochs. So… she protituted her job for the Kochs.


Well, we can thank the dysfunctional US-left’s and the Bernie-bro’s (against the advice of even Bernie himself) vigorous, Trump-loving-right-wing-Russian-troll-orchestrated “Never Hillary-Killary-Shillary - Trump Won’t be so Bad”-campaign for the current state of Affairs in the Supreme Court.


Yes, I do remember hearing that some nit wits voted for Dump because they did not like Killary- however that is in the past. The question is: What now? I have been in unions and am from a uniion family- there are some union members who voted for Dump. The South hates unions, and some years back the Klan even killed people for belonging to unions calling them “commies.” That is how insane this country is. In other countries, some CEOs do not want to outsource - they consider their workers as part of the family. Here in the USA- no way. Maybe this goes back to some of our roots such as decimating tribal people and holding African Americans as slaves. These billionaires must know that money cannot buy happiness. Look at Dump with over 56 lawsuits against him for harming people, and now with these tariffs even more. Hey, can someone sue Janus and even the supreme court justices and remand it back to a lower court? Mark Janus- hey maybe your union job will now be outsourced, your salary and bens taken away, then you can sulk all the way to the supreme court. The Kochs and DeVos and Dump himself ( who hates unions) are behind. this.


I am having difficulty in understanding how the court sees the collection of “fair share” fees as being a violation of workers’ First Amendment rights.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances

I understand that the First Amendment does not protect the right of people to peacefully assemble and petition a corporation for a redress of grievances. I understand that unions do get involved in politics, which is the exercise of free speech. It seems to me that this ruling is impinging the collective group’s free speech with the argument that it must eliminate the possibility of an individual member having any possibility of unwillingly supporting the collective’s speech.

If the collection of “fair share” fees is a violation of workers First Amendment rights, then what about the “right to work laws”? These laws provide workers a financial incentive to not pay union fees while continuing to enjoy the benefits of the union. Does a worker with an ailing wife or child not have a powerful incentive to not pay the union fees in order to have more money to pay for the medical expenses? This non-paying worker may even support what the union does but his support of the union is abridged by financial concerns, and the legislators that made these laws knew that they were creating this situation. I expect that the overwhelming majority of people who take advantage of the right to work laws do it for financial reasons and understand what they are selling.

I would argue that if the worker is to not support the union because of beliefs then that worker does not have the right to keep the union fees and must contribute the equivalent sum to some organization, political or otherwise, that aligns with his beliefs. The financial incentive to not support the union needs to be removed because it is infringing on the worker’s First Amendment rights to support the union, and donating the union fees elsewhere will respect the beliefs of the worker who does not support the union without in effect “paying” him to not support the union. “Fair share” fees that get questioned should be handled in the same way.

What I do not understand is how “fair share” fees can be a violation of workers’ First Amendment rights without the “right to work” laws similarly being violations of workers’ First Amendment rights.


In polite circles it’s called a failed state. Otherwise known as a fascist dictatorial authoritarian state. Sheldon Wolin calls it inverted totalitarianism. Corporate controlled govt supported slavery. (wages only, no representation for workers)


Obviously you are a human. 99% of billionaires are not. That’s why they have a billion dollars, they’re greedy and crapped on others to become wealthy. Just remember the difference between rich people and wealthy people: the rich people make lots of money; the wealthy sign their paychecks.


mealsout, I can’t give you a direct answer. Sure I could say mental illness, greed beyond belief and other things but I honestly don’t know. I cannot imagine a childhood home that would instill these things in a childs mind but that has to be the source, their parents.


One need not be a member of a union to participate in a General Strike. Shut down the government and the economy for a month or 6 months. “Make the economy SCREAM!”. After all that IS the traditional Amerikan way of effecting regime change.