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Siding With Corporate Power Over Worker Rights, Supreme Court Supports Company That Sought to Block Class Action Lawsuit


Siding With Corporate Power Over Worker Rights, Supreme Court Supports Company That Sought to Block Class Action Lawsuit

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

This is a developing story and may be updated.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday sided with corporate interests by ruling against a worker who had sought to band together with other employees to bring forth a class action lawsuit against a company.

It was a 5-4 decision (pdf), with conservatives in the majority.


Bring your own lawyer … each and every worker each and every time to face the corporation’s legal team.

Or since lawyers are expensive… every worker face that legal team alone.

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How convenient. Now companies know exactly how to word their arbitration clauses to avoid…arbitration.


You do know that in many cases that arbitration judges are funded by corporations. Corporations mostly prefer arbitration pursuant to signed agreements. What they don’t want are class action suits.


wow really just amazes me how much corporate power is getting stronger…just don’t know how the numbnuts that voted for this think this is a good thing when all their propaganda is about "


For employees and retail customers, the only type of arbitration that exists today is forced arbitration.

If truthfully analyzed, the only rights employees have today are the rights to keep their mouths shut and suck up the exploitation, wage theft, oppression, abuse and low wages and piss-poor benefits all of which further pads the pockets of the owning class.

Retail customers don’t fair any better. Since nearly all products and services are provided by oligopolies on a national level and many times monopolies on a local level, customers have no other choice than to buy inferior products (poor quality, planned obsolescence, etc.) and services that only claim to provide customer service (Comcast, AT&, etc).

Americans have no idea of the poor quality products they are forced to buy. Once I moved out of the USA and gained access to the global market of products, I was shocked that quality products are made and available. While the products may be more expensive, the quality and service life of he products more than compensates for the higher price.


Another step in the direction of the need for a general strike against corporate power.


Why are we not challenging the fakery of a Supreme Court –
we can all read English – and we know what the decisions of the Court should be –
and what their decisions should be in regard to protecting a “people’s” government –
in regard to protecting us from spying on us by corrupt US intelligence/NSA.

Why hasn’t our Supreme Court ever spoken out for Equality for Women?

Against a MIC that has taken over our government?

Again – citizens can read and we don’t need a fake Supreme Court to “interpret” what
it says – only to acknowledge the necessity to protect freedom and liberty for all citizens.
And they’re not doing that –

What the Supreme Court is about has always been protecting Elites/wealthy – the
Founders did not create a democracy; they created an Elite Patriarchy, endowed them
with land grants, gave them immense influence and control over our people’s government,
the nation’s wealth and natural resources.

All of this fakery must stop – The Supreme Court is one of the biggest lies in history.


This is fascism that will be with the United States of America long. I do not believe that rank and file American Republicans understand what their elected officials are doing to the judiciary. And I believe this is because the corporate mainstream media are not telling them. The right to a trial by jury in civil matters has all but vanished.
Things are going to get much worse.


Not so. For a brief glorious moment in our history we had the Warren Court and then the Burger Court, which did make gains for the politically weak and disenfranchised. Things began to change under Reagan and the Rehnquist Court. And now we have fascism.

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What is needed and what the citizenry are willing to do to takeACTION are two different things…

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It’s called, end loopholes, and raise taxes. Or at least make them pay their fair share.

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Today, the Supreme Court became the "Extreme Court."

They are proving their own irrelevance.


They’re numbnuts Dragonbait. They don’t think.

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Extinction Rebellion is setting a good example.

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Exactly- but it only takes a few to enact change. Remember Susan B Anthony.


True –

But same for our government – The South controlled our government until the
Civil War –

and then they killed Kennedy.

Maybe in this case they also got rid of Scalia.

Certainly Dems helped them do a big job on Garland.

The Supreme Court should only be expanding our liberties – not limiting them.

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The idea of overt corporatism needs a shot across the bow. Too little taxation, too many loopholes, too much lobby money allowed, too much voting power, and too little unionization.

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Microsoft hit a trillion dollar valuation and Amazon has record profits. But Amazon workers suffer like Walmart employees. I tend to not want to give hard workers and smart investors a hard time if they are honest people. They should be able to enjoy their success. But unless they are attempting to buy world power they don’t need to hoard that kind of money.

Our industrial revolutionists generally gave back to the nation when they became rich (enough). That doesn’t seem to be the case today, except for Bill and Melinda.

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You lost me here. You go from the Civil War to Kennedy in a leap and imply the South killed Kennedy. I reject that inference: Lyndon Johnson did not order the Kennedy assassination if that’ s what you are implying. That narrative was pushed by Regency Enterpprises which produced the film “JFK”. Regency’s CEO who greenlighted that travesty of a film was non other than Arnon Milchan who, it has been revealed was (is) a secret Israeli Mossad agent. My father knew Pierre Salinger, Bill moyers and John Kennedy personally, and while no secret agent, he was in a position to know some about Kennedy and he strongly rejected the LyndonJohnson theory. The Israelis had more motive to hit Kennedy than Johnson.