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Siding With Majority of Americans on Abortion Access, Senate Blocks 20-Week Ban


Siding With Majority of Americans on Abortion Access, Senate Blocks 20-Week Ban

Julia Conley, staff writer

Women's rights groups applauded Tuesday as the Senate voted against a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.


Those dem’s that voted for it ought to change parties. I’m thinking they won’t make the cut next election cycle.


“The statistics on unsafe abortions are mind-blowing. WHO estimated that approximately 21.6 million women underwent unsafe abortions in 2008, with almost all taking place in developing countries that prohibit legal abortion. From these, approximately 47,000 women died and 5 million women suffered long-term health complication”

Twenty states have passed laws making it illegal to receive medical intervention after 20 weeks. How third world of them.


Three Democrats—Sens. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Joe Donnelly of Indiana and Joe Manchin of West Virginia—voted in favor of the measure, while Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) opposed it.

Ilyse Hogue, head of NARAL Pro-Choice America, said the focus on this bill by anti-choice Republicans’ “reveals their true priorities: to punish women, ban abortion, and try to score an ideological win to appeal to their fringe base.”

This would also be a good time to begin anew to strengthen the base of support for reproductive freedom at
state levels. Trump now has 8 years to overturn Roe v Wade - one more opening on the Court will create the opportunity they’re looking for.

All organizations on the left must come together
to show the FULL support on the left for all liberal issues –
ALL human rights, including food, shelter, clothing, employment, health care and
reproductive freedom/abortion and birth control …
and sadly at this time we have to add the right to water and clean drinking water/
the right to organic foods uncontaminated by MGO seeds.


I think in some cases it could be considered morally wrong and that karma is part of that person’s decision. The problem is that the law doesn’t make that distinction and as a result it puts all women at risk of death or injury. Not to mention that the alternative to abortion is sometimes a slow agonizing death. So, save the karma until you have a better plan.


Termination of Pregnancy must be a human right granted to anyone capable of becoming pregnant.

I guarantee you, that if those “Fat White Men” in Congress could become pregnant from unsafe sex or blowjobs, they would be screaming for an abortion.


Polls in America are mostly “Fake News” and are generated to push an agenda by those funding them.


This is a bundle of Catholic Church BS …

Many women die due to problem pregnancies after 20 weeks –
Many fetuses die in the womb after 20 weeks - i.e., women would have to carry a dead fetus to term.

Laws cannot protect BOTH a pregnant woman and a child … and the LONG HISTORY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HOSPITALS proved that over and again as they allowed women to die to save an infant over and again. Often husbands were handed an infant and told their wife was dead. Many families understood this threat to women and stopped using Catholic hospitals.

Also tries once again to push the oft-proven lie that abortions are harmful to women – and once again we see the fascist overtones in the suggestion that CHOICE is immoral when each woman who has an abortion uses her own personal conscience to decide for herself whether to go ahead with the pregnancy or whether to end it.

Since when has our male-dominated Congress and President ever been based in moral behavior?

The suggestion that authoritarian/fascist control over our government which has given us decades
and decades of “illegal wars of aggression” is in any way moral is outrageous.

1 MILLION Muslims killed in what looks very much like another Catholic Crusade by the CIA/Catholics In Action.

Where are the morals of this Congress in attacking Health Care for citizens, leaving families and children homeless, attacking seniors – and all workers?

Waging war to steal land and natural resources?

Let’s also remember that the Catholic Church has lost control over members on the issue of birth control and abortion. In fact, the beloved Pope John XXIII made the church a democracy and encouraged members to use their own free thought, free conscience and free will to decide for themselves whether or not to use contraceptives. An uprising of the violent right wing within the church also took the lives of two succeeding Popes who would have also made the right to use contraception a matter of free conscience.

Catholic Women have just as many abortions as any other women – and Catholics supports CHOICE – and all reproductive freedom. Latino/Latina Catholics give even higher support to reproductive freedom and CHOICE.

The Catholic Church is losing its control over members – not only here in the US but all over the world.

The male-supremacist domination of the Church and its War on Women must be brought to an end.

Also, it’s underpinning for Eite-Patriarchy all over the world.

The survey found that more than 8 in 10 Americans (81 percent), including women (82 percent) and nearly two-thirds of pro-choice supporters (66 percent), would restrict abortion to — at most — the first three months of pregnancy. The answer to this question has been approximately 8 in 10 since the survey was launched in 2008.

Additionally, 77 percent of Americans, including 79 percent of women and 71 percent of “pro-choice” supporters, say that laws can protect both a mother and her unborn child. Only about 1 in 5 (17 percent of Americans, 15 percent of women, 23 percent of pro-choice identifiers) disagree.

The poll also found majorities of Americans see abortion as both ultimately harmful to women and morally wrong.


Oh trump has been elected, again? Really? 8 years is it? Where and in what country do you live? Get a grip.


Yes. God is actually the most prodigious abortionist of all.


How many of our most recent presidents have served 8 years?

W Bush

We have two national parties controlled by Wealthy Elites –
Corporations run our elections – i.e., they’re rigged to move the nation to the right/fascism.


I should have known better than to post my thoughts on this tread. Mention abortion and people start foaming at the mouth.

It is a woman’s body, it is a woman’s mind and it is a woman’s life. I would never want to live anyone’s life but my own unless I am the father of a child. I have fathered 2 and welcomed them into this life with open arms. Those that think other wise, in my opinion, are playing “gawd”.


Lamesa –

The Congress has made it a HUMAN RIGHT to kill populations all over the world.

Recall - “Regime Change” the lie that has permitted US/CIA “illegal wars of aggression.”

Note that Trump seems willing to toss nuclear weapons at North Korea in a "boys will be boys"
bit of insanity.

But you seem to believe that anyone trying to overturn reproductive freedom is moral.

You also seem to have included a “Mea Culpa” in your confession at the end there, but you
are speaking for yourself – not for reality.

Studies show that women who have had abortions have NOT been harmed psychologically
or physical by having an abortion.

Turn your attention to the murders of living people by anti-abortion religious fanatics –

Turn your attention to the murderous nature of our male-dominated “Christian” Congress
and the murderous nature of our president threatening other nations with threats of using nuclear

And threatening the lives and health of citizens of this nation by destroying health care benefits.

Where’s your “morality” when it comes to the homeless in America … where you can’t even find them
on our streets any longer – disappeared to who knows where to die. This includes children, of course.

Every American should STOP supporting male-dominated religions which have only provided violence
all over the world over thousands and thousands of years.


Lamesa –

The subject is fake polls like the one you presented –

The subject is the Vatican/Christian “War on Women” carried forth by the GOP, including
their war on reproductive freedom.

The subject is the Catholic Church and the Mormon Church which used tax-exempt dollars
to fund their campaign against the Equal Rights Amendment for women.

The subject is democracy which guarantees every individual freedom of thought, freedom of
conscience by Separation of Church & State which protects us from having religious beliefs
forced upon us. OOPS!

Anyone who is interested in the protections of Separation of Church & State should take a look at the
co-option of our government by “Christians” who believe in male-supremacy.

Including the number of Catholics on our Supreme Court.

After hundreds of years of Vatican/Christian Crusades soaking the soil of Europe … that violence
was brought here under “Papal Edicts” which demanded the “enslavement or killing” of native
people here – and Africans being enslaved here. That set loose another long period of religious/
Christian violence here in order to steal this land from the Native people here – 112 MILLION of them.

At some point the Vatican/Catholic Church gave up its armies which forced their religious beliefs on
nations they conquered by “Introducing the sword with the cross.”

But what seems to be becoming very clear now is that the CIA is being revealed as "Catholics in Action"
still engaged in violence all over the world against native people, human rights, democracy, freedom of conscience – and to steal over and again the land and natural resources of those nations.

Anyone of conscience should STOP supporting male-supremacist religions/Christianity.


Most anti abortionists are pro wars and the death penalty. I don’t understand that.


“If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”
—Flo Kennedy


The anti-choice position has almost nothing to do with reverence for all life, and almost everything to do with controlling women.