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Siding With Monsanto, GOP Threatens to Cut Off WHO Funds Over Glyphosate Finding

Siding With Monsanto, GOP Threatens to Cut Off WHO Funds Over Glyphosate Finding

Jake Johnson, staff writer

During a House Science Committee hearing on Tuesday, Republican lawmakers sided with the chemical industry in questioning the International Agency for Research on Cancer's (IARC) classification of glyphosate—the key ingredient in the Monsanto-produced weedkiller Roundup—as a probable carcinogen and threatened to cut off the agency's funding.


Deeply corrupted politics, society, economy, ecology, science.

“Interested parties” – corporations that have a financial interest – dictate rhetoric and policy at the highest level. Political whores in Congress and at federal agencies spout industry-developed talking points, and pass industry-written legislation and regulations.

The rot is deep. We need a deep cleansing, not just to limit specific “interested parties” like Monsanto and glyphosate, but to transform the whole structure, to eliminate the structural corruption. We need to fundamentally disempower capital and corporations from dominating public policy. We need to restructure corporate existence, abolish the fictions of civil and human rights for corporate persons, end the fiction of money as First Amendment speech, and rein in these profit-mad monsters and their political lackeys.

Otherwise, these zombie vampire Frankenstein’s monsters – corporations as presently constructed – will always return to feast on the life blood and flesh of humanity and the Earth.


It’s the ‘scientific’ hearings about tobacco all over again, industry-funded law makers citing industry funded studies to regulate industry.

I listened to parts of these hearings yesterday live on a feed provided by USRTK. At one point a congressman said U.S. farmers fed the world and the choice is either a starving world or the use of glyphosate. The ignorance of lawmakers is profound. There is no science-supported correlation between pesticide farming and increased crop productivity.

I swear to god we learned nothing from Rachel Carson and the abuse thrown at her from lawmakers and ‘scientists’ on the publication Silent Spring.


This would be a great opportumity for China to show leadership by making up the US’s withdrawn funding.


Listen to Dr Don Huber talk about glyphosate. Look at his slides. Health outcomes are far more numerous than cancer alone.

This is a shorter video; there are others with greater details. Mostly he speaks to framing associations.


Is there no end, no limit, to this depraved regimes servitude to greed and corporate poisoning/destruction? Of its pathology and astonishing ignorance? We are all targets of this criminal destroyer…



Any chance you can get your comment out there in editorials and letters-to-the-editor of main newspapers? Daily it becomes critical that we each play a role in exposing these lies. Thanks

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That’s why they have been calling it “Monsanto’s FDA” for decades now –

That’s what corporate-fascism is all about –

Add in Capitalism and you have a recipe for murder.

“Fundamentally, this hearing is about the ability of a public health agency to call a carcinogen a carcinogen, even if it makes a huge amount of money for a powerful corporation.”
—Jennifer Sass, Natural Resources Defense Council


Republican politicians are (and long have been) the scum of the Earth.


Just sent to the Washington Post:

Dear Editor,

The hearing Tuesday of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology on the IARC review of the carcinogenicity of glyphosate was a flashback to past hearings about the safety of tobacco: industry-funded lawmakers citing industry funded studies about the safety of their industry’s products.

Congressman Clay Higgins of Louisiana spoke of U.S. farmers feeding the world and said that the choice was between a starving world and the use of glyphosate. This shows a profound level of ignorance for a member of such a committee as there is no science-supported correlation between pesticide farming and increased yields. The congressman then went on to say this:

“I would say that a hungry child that the American farmer feeds across the world by the compassion and generosity of our nation, Mr. Chairman, a hungry child is concerned about overcoming that hunger at that moment with food provided by the American farmer as opposed to most likely, probable or potential increased risk of cancer sometime down the line”. Then, astonishingly, he went on to mispronounce the pesticide in question, calling it ‘gly-o-phosate’.

(Earlier in the hearing another committee member, Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona, had a different mispronunciation calling it ‘gly-phosphate’.)

We have clearly learned nothing from Rachel Carson’s experiences in the 1960’s when in Silent Spring she warned of the unintended consequences of pesticides and relying on industries to police themselves.

What we witnessed yesterday was a series of congressmen mouthing industry talking points without enough interest in the subject to know enough to even pronounce the word glyphosate correctly.


You’re being too kind to our lawmakers calling them ignorant, they know. What they learned from the Carson situation was lie, lie, and lie some more.


Yeah, you’re right. Lying is a strategy, and it seems to work. I also realize the WP won’t publish the letter as they are as much a part of the problem as Monsanto itself. Still we must try, right? What did Jimmy Stewart say in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington? “The only causes worth fighting for are hopeless causes?” something like that.

The problem is that the system–corporations, media, politics–itself is the problem and that problem is capitalism. The world cannot survive a system that must grow indefinitely to feed itself, that sees all life, all beauty, all endeavors as opportunities for earning another buck and another and another.

All we are left with in this dying earth is a fingernail of hope in scratchings like ours that keep the possibility of healing alive. As John Berryman might say, “The world, friends, is dying but we must not say so”.


Republicans, such sickos. Time to put an end to all of their imagined power, time to run the table in 2018.


Agree, we can’t stop fighting.

Why just yesterday, I saw an ad on TV for a law firm that’s seeking those who have used Roundup during the course of their work. The ad claims that such persons are at a greater risk (than the general population) for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a fatal disease.
They don’t care who suffers, they don’t care who dies. They protect their donors at ALL CONCEIVABLE costs.

  1. Yep, eaters of red meat have higher incidence of cancer, especially bowel cancer.

  2. Yep, processed meat such as bacon are also recognized as probable causes for cancer.

  3. Yep, alcohol has been linked to many types of cancer including Mouth, Throat (pharynx), Voice box (larynx), Esophagus, Liver, Colon and rectum, Breast (From the American Cancer Society website)

  4. Coffee however was taken off the cancer causing list by the IARC in 2016. From the Lancet:

The Working Group found no conclusive evidence for a carcinogenic effect of drinking coffee. However, the experts did find that drinking very hot beverages probably causes cancer of the esophagus in humans.

The difference between those 4 examples and glyphosate is that “pesticides, like smoking, are threatening based on their chronic toxicity, the long-term, low-dose cellular insults that can trigger mutations and cancers.” (cited from the below linked article)



So…as usual, some Republican dipshit Congressman thinks he is smarter than trained scientists! Lamar S


(hit the wrong key) As I was saying, Lamar Smith has a history of this type of thing, always siding with the money people, and never for the rest! Why does Texas keep sending such people to Washington?

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This is apt to keep happening, no?

Even without the cancer, the autoimmune and digestive troubles are no fun. One way to quit buying a lot of toxins is to raise a bit of one’s food at home.

This is easier in some circumstances than others, of course. But in these matters every bit helps.


I remember reading Silent Spring in tenth-grade biology, along with On Aggression (by Konrad Lorenz), and The Naked Ape (by Desmond Morris). Now, those were the days my friend.

That said, aside from being distracted by mundane (e.g., entertainment, MSM, day-to-day survival) most folks are simply substantially lacking in knowledge. Also, they have far to little experience in exercising their critical and analytical reasoning capabilities. Sooo… they are easily misled and otherwise unduly manipulated, to the advantage of a select few.

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