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Siding With Monsanto, GOP Threatens to Cut Off WHO Funds Over Glyphosate Finding

This is the crux of the health problem with glyphosate, it persists in low levels throughout our bodies as trace amounts are now in so many of the foods we eat–almost all corn and soy products, wheat and oats that have been grown using glyphosate as a desiccant, meat from animals fed corn and soybean.

Because glyphosate kills beneficial gut bacteria, it keeps our bodies from operating at peak performance. Gut bacteria are still being studied, but there is ample evidence that they are vital to our bodies’ nutritional uptake.

Glyphosate is also a chelator, bonds with minerals, keeping our bodies from receiving the benefits of trace minerals. Glyphosate’s original use was as a chemical to clean out deposits accumulated in metal pipes.

What we can do to counteract glyphosate’s killing of good bacteria, is to include food items in our diet that increase good bacteria in our gut–fermented food: yogurt, pickles, kimchi, miso, etc. Try to eat a little fermented something with every meal, even if it’s just a bite.


When do you EVER see this guy, Rep. Lamar Smith, do something positive for the people? I can’t think of one thing. Who is in his pockets? Who has made a promise of a good job after he leaves Congress or to one of his family members, for his loyalty long held to Monsanto? What does HE gain from his ongoing loyalty to THIS Corporation? As we see in so many cases, after they leave Congress, these Corporate Loyal members tend to have something pretty big to go to, once they’re done screwing over The PEOPLE!

It might be worth your time and trouble to find a copy of “The Descent of Woman” by Elaine Morgan, which adds a new perspective to both Morris and Robert Ardrey (“African Genesis”).


Nothing yet, yep, the chance of rain falling upwards is greater. Still, if one person read my letter on this site and learned that they were not alone in what they thought, it’s another drop in the consciousness pool.


In the Trump administration, it’s all about money. Don’t like what a sovereign nation or world organization is doing? Off with their foreign aid!

“Grow a bit of your own food at home.” That’s good advice. Especially if you’re older and/or retired. Age is a factor in the onset of cancer but taking up gardening as a pastime helps keep the body flexible. You may enjoy more eating what you’ve grown yourself as well.

GOP and guillotines go better together.