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Sieg Fail: In Praise of Those - Citizens, Artists, Clowns - Who Insist They Like All the Colors, Not Just White


Sieg Fail: In Praise of Those - Citizens, Artists, Clowns - Who Insist They Like All the Colors, Not Just White

While governments have done a largely dismal job of greeting with compassion the million refugees of wars they've often helped cause - cue doors and wristbands of shame, theft of valuables, teargas attacks and other racist backlash - the people of those countries have often stepped up in big-hearted ways to declare that "we are one, united humanity." Greek islanders have rescued thousands from the sea, earning a shot at a Nobel Peace Prize; online wise guys have shredded Denmark's greed; Banksy has decried French violence; and Finnish clowns mocking right-wing patrols have taken to the streets to let "peace and love flow without borders."


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This article is rich coming from an American! A country calling to ban ANY muslims from entering it let alone refugees. You may, in your pampered sense of exceptionalism, say EU countries have done 'a largely dismal job of greeting with compassion those in need' yet it literally SEVERAL MILLION TIMES superior to that of the USA, who have done absolutely nothing but, as this article betrays, stand on the sidelines and criticise from a privileged and unaffected position 2000 miles over the sea. Instead, CD publishes absurd articles about how wonderfully Canada, an enormous country, is welcoming a tiny trickle of refugees with much sentimental backslapping. (CD article: commons.commondreams.org/t/welcome-to-your-new-home/16437/4) Typical North American exceptionalist psychology.

Moreover, to say European countries 'helped cause these wars' and therefore are seemingly obliged to cope above others with the consequences, is a disortion of reality. Bad journalism to make a spurious point. It is minimal in comparison to the influence of the USA and to a lesser extent Russia. In fact, by its reasoning, America as the prime architect of this mess, should take virtually ALL these refugees, something I personally agree with. Yet I won't be holding my breath waiting for CD to publish an article along those lines. Journalists like Abby Zimet should focus the USA's shortcoming in this area instead of seemingly being obsessed with critcising European governments who are are doing a far better job of coping with a crisis, which the USA created, than this article makes out.


yeah 'we are the world' and maybe, just maybe if we all hold hands around the campfire and sing kumbiya it will all be ok. and some of the terrorists will take a different view and decide the lbgt and rainbow coalition are all their brothers and sisters too and will let them live in peace instead of killing them outright