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Sierra Club on Trump’s “America First Energy Plan”


Sierra Club on Trump’s “America First Energy Plan”

Sierra Club

WASHINGTON - Today, Donald Trump released his energy plans moments after being sworn in as President.

In response, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune released the following statement:



In June 2016 the Sierra Club endorsed the candidate who would be the most likely to lose to Donald Trump: HRC.

They did not support Bernie Sanders who could have defeated Trump and if that were the case we would not be reading this press release from them today.

(where is Sioux Rose----she would be chastising me for saying this!)

I agree (in part) with Counterpunch's Jeffrey St. Clair when he referenced the DNC today: "After all, no entity did more to insure the election of Donald Trump.”

The words in this statement from Michael Brune ring hollow after the Sierra Club helped bring Donald Trump to the helm of this collapsing u.s. empire.