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Sierra Club Statement on Secretary Clinton’s Opposition to a Lame Duck Vote on TPP


Sierra Club Statement on Secretary Clinton’s Opposition to a Lame Duck Vote on TPP

WASHINGTON - In response to a questionnaire released today by the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, Secretary Hillary Clinton stated for the first time that she opposes a vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal during the lame duck session of Congress at the end of this year. She also frontlined a commitment to “ensure that our trade policy supports, rather than undermines, our climate policies.



Of course, all the scepticism swirling around anything HRC says or does is plenty warranted. I, too, proudly count myself among these sceptics. I will remain sceptical for the foreseeable future, at least as long as I remain more or less conscious of my efforts. HRC brought this upon herself for the last five decades of her own character creation and transformation. Character doesn't change with rhetorical whims.

Yet, to be fair to the Sierra Club, an organization which also has earned and deserves severe scepticism since its inception, organizations have to play a very finely orchestrated role in public life. Among all the fine tunings in that role and its unavoidable self-corrections moment-by-moment, comes the responsibility to work with whatever morbid turds float down the river of current events to their docket. They have to play that turd for the saint they wish it to be. Their survival leaves them no alternative. Organizations cannot, like individuals, opt into and out of anarchy in response to ordinary repugnant crap such as the Clinton's embody day-in and day-out. Like it or not, HRC may well land in the WH (read global Shit House) next January.

The issues here are too many and too complex for what we do need to host fully and without restraint here: the full panoply of free-wheeling deliberations that the US Founding Generation enjoyed and bequeathed upon us, as Franklin put it, if we can preserve it. We can only preserve this inheritance with our fully un-restrained calling out of every turd-brained crap-pedlar who comes along seeking public office. Like HRC. And like the Donald.

Kudos to Common Dreams for posting this Sierra Club expression of the delicate diplomacy necessary to function in a world full of, designed to be run by, for, and of only the crap-pedlars.