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Sierra Club Statement on The Clean Power Plan


Sierra Club Statement on The Clean Power Plan

Sierra Club

WASHINGTON - Today, the EPA and the Obama Administration will release the final version of the landmark Clean Power Plan.

In response, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune released the following statement:

“The Clean Power Plan is the most significant single action any President has ever taken to tackle the most serious threat to the health of our families: the climate crisis.



Something is better than nothing that is always true

but permitting drilling in the Arctic is also something too

Small measures and a step in the right direction over here

Big measures in the wrong direction over there

We wait and wonder at how little good will actually get done

and worry that arctic drilling will add more damage to the sum

A little good is made to seem like it is a lot

While a lot of damage begins in a far away spot.

To end the age of oil this they simply cannot conceive

So they delay using voluntary measures that none can believe

“When we will get off oil?” We ask and ask!

While counting huge profits they reply. “It’s an impossible task!”

“Our planet is dying - you’ve gone too far!” This is our fear.

“Just one more egg from the Golden Goose!” Is all we ever hear.


Shame on you Michael Brune for bestowing such a cataract of tribute on such an inadequate plan. Our situation is DIRE, & this is bupkas. We don’t have until 2030 to reduce carbon emissions from this one source a piddling amount. Stop swooning over crumbs. 2C is TOO HIGH a goal to aim for.