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Silence Around Who Is Burning Black Churches Speaks Volumes


Silence Around Who Is Burning Black Churches Speaks Volumes

Kirsten West Savali

There is something both sinister and cowardly about trying to destroy Black Jesus.


Council of Conservative Citizens = CCC = KKK


Can you even grasp the vast uproar that will ensue in the “mainstream” corporatist white-supremacist media when some disaffected young black man goes into some iconic “white” sanctuary and kills a few whites because they are white?

And if that were followed by a string of fires at similar “white” buildings?

Just because there is not some “boss of The Media” who is a raving ideological white supremacist, does not mean we do not suffer under white supremacist media. White supremacism permeates the operational assumptions that underpin “reporting” in the USA.


Excellent article. When I read about first one black church being burned and then another and another,etc. I knew it had to be something like a council of white supremacists who according to the Southern Poverty Law Center are gaining traction! And we just celebrated the 4th of July for what and for whom?


Well, here it is. A few churches spontaneously combust and immediately everyone wants to blame white people.

It’s God. God is angry at the U.S. for disrespecting the flag of his country.

The motto of the Confederate States of America? “Under God, our vindicator.”

Was the Confederacy more religious than the nation that won the war of northern aggression?

“In contrast with the language of the United States Constitution, the Confederate Constitution overtly asked God’s blessing (”… invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God …")." Wikipedia, Confederate States of America

God is very clear about his position on slavery:

“If a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod and he dies at his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, he survives a day or two, no vengeance shall be taken; for he is his property.” Exodus 20-21

So clearly this is God telling America to return to the Christian values of the Confederacy.

Quit blaming innocent, God fearing whites.


The so-called war of “Independence” was in great part fought to PRESERVE the institution of slavery as England was showing movements toward abolishing the slave trade. The Counter Revolution of 1776 by Gerald Horne.


Or the other possibility is that racism has nothing to do with these fires. I understand that there are about 30 fires every week in places of worship in the U.S., so the fires mentioned across the 6 states seem well within the statistical range.


The silence on this matter is deafening on the mainstream stream media news outlets. I thought it was just me and that my flipping around the radio stations for bits of news that I was missing details. I am still ever so grateful that I do not have TV.

Another thing, a man who shoots and kills nine people in a church and makes a statement of hate and leaves threats as a warning against other people, people of color is a terrorist. He is NOT a “lone-wolf” but part of a pattern that is allowed to continue in this country.

There are dumbass people making dumbass statement like they ( people ten thousand miles away) are trying to take “my freedoms” away. I worry more about my home grown terrorists. Whether perpetrated against people of color, women, gays, or immigrants, let us just brand “hate-crimes” for what they are…. terrorism. Terrorism is terrorism and it is up to us to demand that it be prosecuted as such.


Where’s the NSA, Where’s Homeland Security? Why don’t we see officials from these alphabet security agencies updating us on the progress of their investigations into these burnings like what we saw after the Boston bombing? Are my tax dollars being wasted on these alphabet security agencies? Perhaps we need to pull the plug on their funding since they are revealing how ineffective they are like how conservatives want to defund the FDA and EPA b/c of their constructed ineffectiveness.


Fifty or sixty years ago, I often saw Confederate flag decals in car windows, and occasionally one flying in front of someone’s home, but it was no big deal. We all knew there were racists about, and that there were still people fighting the US Civil War, at least in their minds.

  • I haven’t seen any of that for years, until yesterday.
  • I live in Washington State. As usual, around the Fourth, there were many cars and trucks driving around with big American flags flying.
  • Yesterday, a big black pickup truck with three or four guys in it, pulled out of a side street flying about a four by six foot Confederate flag from a staff in the truck bed!
  • Not illegal, of course, but rather startling, (and in poor taste?) especially after the events of the past few weeks.
  • I’m afraid that the major ills afflicting this nation are not being cured, just hidden in the closet to be brought forth again, and again.


I looked at the DHS official Twitter page a couple of times in the last week to look for any reference to the attack in Charleston or subsequent events.
I found a brief mention of a church fire on FBI’s Twitter, but nothing at DHS. DHS seems to be more concentrated on ICE and immigration/trafficking, as well as the pervasive “if you see something, say something.”
There was a time when DHS made some effort to monitor the right-wing extremists but backlash ensued, read here:


When I go to mainstream news sites, in their comments, people keep blaming “liberal media!” And saying the “liberal media” is instigating the race war because they are REPORTING about racist attacks and the perpetrators, and bringing it to light. Do they think if they stay quiet it will make it all go away?

What about all the fear-mongering regarding potential July 4th attacks? (By ISIS???)
Did anything pan out about those “warnings?” Yes, there were countless EXPLOSIONS all over the country that day. They were fireworks. And yes, PEOPLE GOT HURT. But there WAS warning!!! Usually it came in the form of “Hey, maw, watch this!!”


What if we lived in a nation that made the KKK register all their members - like the government mandates for all sex-offenders? Wouldn’t that be amazing? I would like to know if my neighbor next door is part of an organization that promotes such hate and violence against other races. I know this is slightly off topic but I just want to put it out there.


Wow, thanks for pulling that info up!