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Silence From Press Industry Group As Trump Administration Purges White House Reporters

Silence From Press Industry Group As Trump Administration Purges White House Reporters

Julia Conley, staff writer

A number of journalists are expressing alarm over new White House rules limiting access to the Trump administration, but concern is being raised that the trade organization that represents those reporters has so far been silent on the matter.

There should be MILLIONS of people in the streets NOW and more joining with each administration assault on The (alleged) Republic. <(At least what is left of that tattered and torn entity)


Next they’ll be telling us to burn our books!!!


What!?! The same corporate media that has failed us for decades is going to continue to fail us?? Say it ain’t so!


Yes… the key words are “ Should Be.”


Yep. enough said!


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

But the leader of the turd world can by fiat do an end-around. I think not. All Donnie is doing is upping the price of admission to piss on his grave.


Complicity with corrupt White House practices of restricting journalists Trump doesn’t like, isn’t support for a “Free Press.”

Rather, it’s support for authoritarian action.


If you can’t handle the heat snowflake resign.


The Zombie Apocalypse of millions in the streets will not be televised.

They’re all at home watching Rachel Madcow, telling them Joe Biden is leading in the polls.


Crickets still chirping on this story over at the WHCA twitter feed. But its head honcho, who also doesn’t deign to comment, has a highly significant retweet today: “Thai astrologers have predicted an “abundant” harvest season after a pair of sacred white oxen munched on grass and rice and slurped water in an annual ritual watched over by newly crowned King Maha Vajiralongkorn.”

Unions don’t back their members, White house reporter’s association doesn’t back its members, representatives represent capital instead of people.

It’s time for a Bolivarian evolution.


This is anathema to the very notion of independent journalism

But then, so is the vast majority of corpress coverage.

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Oh those poor WH reporters. Instead of listening to WH goons spout male ruminant scatology then doing sound bites and clickbait based on what was said, they’ll actually have to work to find sources and create media based on a wide range of information. Universities used to teach how to journal until Slick Willie signed the Telecommunications Act in 1996 and it all became about profits thus turning every college into Schools of Journalism Business. Think of all those poor corporate news conglomerates having to cut dividend payments as they are forced to staff their newsrooms. Oh, the humanity.

WHCA sounds like a classic “house union” to me, one created and controlled by the bosses to preempt the possibility of actual organizing of the workers, by the workers, a ruse almost as old as unions themselves.

The perjurer should be the one purged. Him and his alternative facts press room harlot.

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I don’t see how it matters. The only thing coming out of Washington and Slit-faced Sanders is lies anyway.

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You’re right about our present situation, I’ve suggested in the past the press should ignore the WH all together (that would piss off the narcissist residing there), but we must fix this situation before the next administration is seated.

Our government is a sad, sick joke. Donald Trump is president. Are. You. Shitting. Me?
Come on. Jesus FUCKING Christ. Bolton? Pompeo? Abrams? Where the he’ll is John Negroponte? Undoubtedly getting his death squads ready for Venezuela. This whole country is one sad, miserable, angry, surreal FUCKING JOKE. Pathetic. This country deserves the worst the rest of the world can muster.

All the major corporate conservative media networks gave King Trumpo over $2B in free air time while kissing his sorry arse along the campaign trail. And this is the gratitude this narcissistic, lying, racist, misogynistic man-child gives them. Without the pathetic, lazy press, he won’t be POTUS today!!

No doubt, they are still kissing his bigger, sorry arse today!! King Trumpo needs the sycophant, bias corrupt conservative media as much as the media needs him. There is no "real’ adversarial relationship and never will be. When has the media called King Trumpo a liar or a fascist??? N-E-V-E-R!!! King Trumpo brings them buffo ratings and profits and they love him for it!!

The MSM go to his events, suck up to Sarah Sanders daily and have his shills, stooges, analysts, pundits and slime balls on their shows - 24/7. What else can you ask for?? The American people know exactly what King Trumpo is doing and saying every bleeping second of the day. It’s like we are watching a daily 24/7 soap opera. The story line thickens while shady characters come and go. King Trumpo has turned this nation into the laughing stock of the world.

Why does the brown-nosing, lazy, bias media keep chasing King Trumpo’s tail and his minions?

• Maybe if the media sheep actually called out King Trumpo and his minions 24/7 and did “not” blindly amplify the hatred, vitriol, ignorance, lies, propaganda, disinformation, BS, talking points, hyperbole unchallenged and unfiltered 24/7, people would see what a conman/ scoundrel he really is.

• Or maybe if the lazy, bias media ferreted out the “truth”, instead of repeating and disseminating 24/7 lies from these conservative ideologues, snowflakes, snakes, blowhards and sycophants, people would respect you!!

• Or maybe stop covering his arse and emboldening this clown 24/7. If you pay him no attention, he will wilt and die!!!

We need an alternative media network that calls out the daily lies, shenanigans and shady, slime balls in this administration and party. Until that happens, our country will continue towards Third world status. :frowning: