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Silence is Golden


Silence is Golden

Christopher Brauchli

Silence in times of suffering is the best.
—John Dryden


I remember reading A Tom Clancy thriller that within it's pages described in minute detail an ex-Navy Seal making A silencer for A .22 caliber pistol to reek vengeance on A killer of A girl he loved- I could not believe my eyes since gun silencers were always extremely taboo in those years- The word on the street was that If one were caught with A silencer, every unsolved murder for miles would be pinned on you-,

I am all in for responsible adult ownership of weapons, but "silencers" put A whole new meaning on gun ownership- I would think the murder rate would go through the roof, even with the registration and fingerprinting- Silencers on guns would make us all un-safe....I believe they should be banned and taken off of the street.. This is way out there, along with night vision optics for guns-


Actually, this article is nonsense. Silencers don't make guns anywhere near "silent", except in the movies. They're still plenty loud, even a 22. What they do is keep you from going temporarily deaf after firing. This is even more critical for hunting dogs who go completely deaf after a couple of seasons unless a silencer is used.


I always think of spy-intrigue movies when I think of a silencer. They always go "pteeewww, pteeewww! In fact, as a kid, I thought they were called "silent sirs" becasue of, duly knighted by Her Majesty, Sir James Bond. (I'm not making this up).


Hunting dogs? They make silencers for shotguns? Train the dog to stay back from the shooter - and wear hearing protection for yourself.


Yes, they do.