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Silence Is Not An Option: ADL Breaks With Israel - and U.S. - To Acknowledge Armenian Genocide


Silence Is Not An Option: ADL Breaks With Israel - and U.S. - To Acknowledge Armenian Genocide

Breaking with Israel's long insistence that Jews hold a monopoly as victims of mass murder, the Anti-Defamation League has for the first time declared the 1915 massacre by Turkish forces of up to 1.5 million Armenians "unequivocally genocide.” The call on Holocaust Remembrance Day to "edu­cate each gen­er­a­tion about the tragedies of the past" was seen by some as a rebuke to the denial of not just Turkey and the U.S., but an Israel that refuses to recognize the devastation of the Nakba.


And never a mention of the 10 million women killed during the protest witch hunts lasting 3 centuries of terror


Still waiting for the declaration and atonement of the genocide of the First Nations Peoples here on Turtle Island.


Sadly, political expediency overrides any concern for human rights. But an unwillingness to acknowledge past atrocities is simple cowardice -- and the notion that being victimized by an orchestrated effort toward extermination should be held as some kind of exclusive honor that should not be shared with another nation is the height of national narcissism.


And All the 1000's of indigenous tribes across the Earth, even those that were from Europe long ago.


Finally! That took them some time.


Genocide has been practiced by various empires and peoples since recorded history began and probably before that. How ridiculous to contend otherwise.


The armenian genocide was witnessed by Germans who were building railroads in Turkey. They left photographic evidence. And whether this is apocryphal or not it does not really matter: when the nazis began to discuss the "final solution" some said that the world's silence after the Armenian genocide suggested that the Jews could be disposed of without any repercussions for Germany.


There is an undeniable link between the two genocides.


It has been said the that nazi solution was devised in south africa when the slaughtered the native tribes, the hotentots which i believe is racist slang.
Also that Martin Lurther created the template long before.


Who will remember the Gypsies when even those who suffered alongside them continue to forget them?


BRAVO nottheonly1!
Tribal exceptionalism and the horrors inflicted during and before WWII have been used to justify many atrocities against other people by the Zionist state! There have been many genocides over time and around the world, and all must be recognized as such, not only one!


The Holomodor of the 30's surpasses the Holocaust in a shorter period of time - and it was a genocide. (definition of genocide includes political classes). A genocide orchestrated by the Bolshoviks

Chairman Mao's political genocide of $50 million - easily #1 murderer in the history of mankind.

US foreign policy since the Holocaust has surpassed the Holocaust numbers. Not technically a genocide though - just mass murder for profit.

Norm Finklestein has it right that this is about the power of victimhood. Being a victim is a strategy and being the #1 victim is important.


Yes and the destruction of indigenes across our globe really do parallel the destruction of the ecosystems which support us all and hence we do so at our peril. John Mohawk has written some excellent essays on the subject.


What are we talking about here? The Germans killed maybe 6 or 7 million Jews. That's a lot but pales beside other historical holocausts. The Russian Communist killed some 20 million peasants. Mao killed somewhere between 35 and 50 million peasants. But the Americans are the worst of all. Over three centuries by military attach and disease (some of it deliberate), they virtually wiped out the indigenous population of the entire continent of North America leaving only handfuls here and there. Estimates vary on the pre-Columbian population but 60 million is a common estimate. And Americans are still killing them.


And none so horrid as the monotheistic ones. Institutionalized religions do breed intolerance. As far as the West and their relationship to the Jews I sense a deep, perhaps unconscious motivation, on the part of the West which, after all, got their god and moral law from the Jews, to want to deny this. Strange that people at times would rather deny their benefactors than thank them.


Very true--the US is exceptional in that regard. In Latin America you see the assimilation in the faces of their people and in Canada, perhaps they ave been somewhat protected by the cold. I recall Ward Churchill pointing out to me that most non natives live within a few hundred miles from the border. But, not being Canadian, I don't know the truth of this and the First Nations in Canada certainly have had horrid discrimination heaped on them judging from what comes out in news stories. What could be the difference I wonder? Some have suggested that in the US it has everything to do with the calvinist protestant ethic.