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Silence Reigns on the US-Backed Coup Against Evo Morales in Bolivia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/18/silence-reigns-us-backed-coup-against-evo-morales-bolivia


From 2008 through about 2016 I traveled annually to Bolivia, flying into El Alto, which sits above its largest city of La Paz and traversed by various modes to familiar destinations in which our team did development work. What I observed during this period, all during Evo’s tenure, was steady progress for the everyday people. Housing was improved. Jobs were generally improved, although still cyclically tied to international commodity markets in many cases. There was a lot of person-on-the-street support for Evo. Things were not perfect, but they did improve each year. A pox on US interventionism and the neoliberalism disease that brought it to its current state.


The author makes it sound as though the Trump Administration is the only entity supporting this coup.

However, outside of a handful of marginalized progressives like Bernie and The Squad, we see both halves of the duopoly supporting it.

Yoo hoo, Bernie and The Squad, join the MPP next year. You’re doormats in the d-party.


You mean Bernie Sanders? That guy who said: “Let me be very clear: Anybody who does what Maduro does is a vicious tyrant,”? That Bernie Sander?

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You get no argument from me on Bernie’s rush to condemn Maduro.
AO-C went along for that ride, too.


Evo Morales and MAS were not without many faults and i am not justifying the overthrow of democracy to oust him and his party.

Morales was increasingly growing estranged from his indigenous base.

Morales shows that even following corporate-friendly policies will not guarantee immunity from the the wealthy elite.

But this is an opportunity not to advocate a return to the old but to promote a revolutionary future for Bolivia.

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AOC too? disgusting.

Bernie in 2016 called Hugo Chavez “a dead communist dictator” – a lie, of course.
He has yet to recant, as far as I know.


Salient in this article is its emphasis on the corrupted (by Uncle Sam, of course)
Organization of American States. That the election was not fraudulent
has been well established, by Weisbrot himself as well as (later) by
MIT researchers and the ex-post-facto WashPost and New York Times.

Keep an eye on the OAS. It’s doing damage beyond Bolivia.


Your curse has proved true (in the form of a Covid plague instead of smallpox) and has yet to play out. Neoliberalism may well be on its way out!

this coup is/was supported by BOTH political parties–just like the dozens of other anti-democratic military actions of the US in overthrowing governments to meet the requirements of the corporate agenda–

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If politics is the art of addition, not subtraction, I’ll welcome Bernie into the MPP fold.

And tell him to sit in the back of the tent like a good little Democrat.

Keep an even sharper eye on CLS:


No one? What about me? I favor rehabilitation over punishment.
Because the purity I’d prefer and that you seem to insist upon, doesn’t exist.

So, if The Squad changed the Ds after their names to MPPs, I’d welcome them in.
And if you said “hell no, I’m out,” I’d urge you to wait and see before acting rashly.