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'Simply Barbaric': Trump Administration Proposes Charging Asylum Fee for Refugees Fleeing Violence and Poverty

Bill Clinton is still trying to catch that fly in his mouth.

As far as any trump proposal, NUTS

Whats better than exploiting, enslaving and/or brutalizing people? Having them pay you for the privilege.
This is just natural progression where America is concerned, and it is nothing new.
Taxes in America has worked the same way for decades now, you are literally paying them for your continued subjugation and brainwashing.
Or does anyone still genuinely believe taxes in America are used primarily to improve the commons, maintain infrastructure and provide needed social programs, like they are supposed to?
What am i saying, of course they do, the brainwashing you have paid for guarantees it.

Here is a future prediction folloing that same natural progression:
Sometime in the next 4 years American banks will begin to implement “negative interest rates”. Meanig you will be expected to pay them for the privilege of having them gamble with “your” saving. (Yes that is a real proposal, and as soon as the propaganda is worked out it will be sold to you as the greatest idea ever).
Here is another one:
With the global food supply being decimated, how far behind do you think soylent green really is?

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Picture the victim of a mugging having to pay a $10,000 policing fee for the police’s trouble.

Thank you for your kind reply. And If Trump wins in 2020, I say we have not seen anything yet! This is one year where even a Biden/Harris ticket will be evil but compared to Trump they are the epitome of integrity. I love Bernie, but from my perspective, too honest and too much of a threat to the presidential selecters that control the DNC.

You have an echo here and what of the very idea of Buttaguig? or however you spell his name :-/ All of them scare me, even Warren, who was one a repub. I very much want and think we need true blue clear running Bernie in every household across the land, from sea to shinning sea. Sadly only the choir hears me sing. It seems that those outside of the choir are turning a deaf ear and that is very scary indeed.

I agree, but what really scares me, is the corrupt DNC and it’s fawning parasites…the super, corrupt delegates for whom Bernie is an anathema.

I know he has to run as a demo to get on primary ballots and seek the nomination, I don’t see how he can do it otherwise but I am hopeful he and his staff have plan this year to prevent what happened before. There must be a way of overwhelming the machine or I pray there is :-///