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Since 'Citizens United,' Just 15 Groups Account for 75 Percent of the $800 Million in Dark Money Spent on US Elections


Since 'Citizens United,' Just 15 Groups Account for 75 Percent of the $800 Million in Dark Money Spent on US Elections

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Just 15 groups were responsible for more than 75 percent of dark money political spending from 2010 to 2016, and together poured more than $600 million—out of a total of $800+ million—into campaigns in the wake of the landmark Citizens United case, according to a new analysis from Issue One, a nonpartisan nonprofit that advocates for stricter campaign finance rules.


As long as boobus americanus votes for D s or R s we deserve the evil corrupt govt we have.


The worst are the propaganda lies that people believe and cite constantly on comments sections. Also the media owned by the same people who produce more propaganda. Democracy is based on an educated voter who understands what is good for them. Our new technology including cell phones that photo crimes in progress and instantly connect to accurate information could make a difference for our future. Make sure your voting system is not hacked and honest people count the votes. Also make sure the people who get your vote have worked for it, talked with you and you believe have some integrity. Take time to vote.


More bribery of the Duopoly at work.


The dark money spending by political party makes the case that The Duopoly is pretty much a Republican/RW Libertarian monopoly.
However, the case for the corrupting influence of dark money on The Duopoly can be made by the coronation of Hillary in the 2016 primary. Her policies embraced some of the same positions espoused by The Republican Establishment. Only the unconventional cross-cut sawing of the Trump/Bannon insurgency interrupted the pre-ordained Uniparty ( Establishment ) outcome. There would be little coloring outside the lines allowed, except for Trump & Co.'s desire to shake down every gov’t institution, which the dark money has no problem with, as long as their fingerprints/DNA aren’t found at the crime scene.
Now that Trump has been exposed as a true criminal, in the coarsest sense of that word, he retreats to the crumbling shelter of the dark forces of the darkest money in American politics.
Trump hangs on by the thinnest of twine, supplied by these 1%er dregs . Dark money’s goal; it wants to drag democracy into a dark alley and strangle it, of course. Trump’s goal: no trial.
Trump’s got no problem with that 1%er goal, either. A guy turns a buck where he can these days. Then pays for protection. From the U.S. C. of C., no less.


The same dark money spending on BOTH parties could also make the case of an oligarchy. The same people owning both parties…


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is mentioned in the PDFs. They are, especially on trade, the dark forces of dark money from the Oligarchs. Think Walmart and go from there. Who sat on Walmart’s board? Hint: HRC are her initials.
When you peel back the layers of the rotten onion, fresh from a cellar, does it necessarily get better?


This is simply wrong. Look at the groups that have been exposed. QH is much closer to the truth, although I would say different oligarchs back different parties. There is always infighting among capitalists.


Seen that move “Trading Places?”

When I see the reports of Kochs and Soros I can’t help but think of that movie.


Yeh. Kinda depends on the day of the week, don’t it.


George Soros is worse than the Koch Bros.?
Well, I guess you really got me there.


“It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.”

George Carlin


Do you know what U.S. C. of C. stands for? Always with the false equivalency?
Do you know who Karl Rove is?
Do you know who the Koch Bros. are?
Unbelievably, you can’t say " top three ", either.
And, I’m always advocating here for public financing of all federal elections. With strict and low contributions, period.
A wink is as good as a nod to a GP blind horse.


I didn’t say that at all, but he and his family are major hedge funders and he personally crashed multiple economies in Southeast Asia with currency manipulations.




And self-described enlightened 1%ers; whose actions appear at the surface to be RW monkey wrenching, are what exactly?
Grow a pair and grow a party, figuratively speaking. Or, are U simply spitting back sour grapes at the DSA/Progressive wing of the Dims?


Or to put it another way: It is a big horse race but no matter whom you bet on…you lose!