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Since Trump's Election, 20 States Have Moved to Criminalize Dissent


Since Trump's Election, 20 States Have Moved to Criminalize Dissent

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what is being called the "biggest protest crackdown since the Civil Rights Era," Republicans in at least 20 states have put forward or passed laws with the intention of making protest more difficult and the punishment for expressing dissent more draconian since President Donald Trump's inauguration in January.


In Florida, it will be interesting to see what happens when someone tries to drive over a protester who is “standing their ground”.


These marches and protests are based on a movement to continue the progress in this nation, of social justice, economic justice, and political justice. All of which are fights that Americans have been fighting in this country for many generations. These marches are Intersectionality not one dimensional.


This will only serve to energize the dissenters. As if our criminal injustice system doesn’t have enough on their plate already with the criminalization of alternative mood altering substances. Why don’t they just cut to the chase and criminalize breathing?


Oligarchic, Republicrat, corporate, conservative, authoritarian, autocratic, totalitarian, dictatorial private tyrannies hate democracy.

Internet dissent is next.

Direct Democracy


Such a BEAUTIFUL picture which accompanies the article. :earth_africa:


trump is preparing for re-election in 2020, this action of making dissent illegal will be complimented with actions that turn police into brownshirts, much more than has already been accomplished. Who advised trump to take these positions, surely trump by himself is too stupid, too unorganized, too unaware of what is being done? I continue to believe we are involved in a coup that began years ago and is reaching it’s conclusion. The evidence leading to this conclusion has been available for years. The only way to overcome this destruction of our nation is to generate a NATIONAL GENERAL STRIKE, to last until trump and his fools leave office. Our nation is very lucky in that we have a figure that is capable of beginning the restoration process in President Obama, who would serve as interim President of the United States until a new election can be planned and called. There seems no other way, without the strike.

Thank you Common Dreams for allowing me once again to comment. As you may know your moderator has had me censored, just as they do on many so-called liberal sites like Salon and Truth-out, I’m sure your site is still infected with that poison, please remain aware of that poison.


not breathing, thinking. Thinking by the common man will terrorize the garbage seeking to subdue America will terrorize them.


Another example that is pure Goebbels.


Freedom of speech - how basic a right that ultimately defines a free people - a free country!

We have all said “Its a free country!” when someone else tries to keep us from saying something they didn’t want said.

Nobody ever expected that just saying the words - “Its a free country!” - would become a criminal act!

In fact there may soon come the day when Americans are arrested for exercising their freedom of speech in opposing the criminalizing of dissent!

Those in power do not believe in their own freedoms! They only believe in their power to take away ours.


UNBELIEVABLE! Only one person suggests taking any concrete actions against this attack on your freedoms. But suggesting a nat’l general strike & having Obama to become interim prez are totally unrealistic. What about organizing major protest marches on state assemblies, challenging existing laws in the courts (ACLU pls use some of your millions in donations), or pressuring Dems to make strong public statements. These may or may not be good ideas BUT DO Something & don’t just tal & talk & talk about it.


The next step in stopping dissent has already been taken, as trump seeks to destroy the internet as a tool of communication of dissent. Steps had already been taken by the infection by moderators of web sites that ban and censor comments, just as has happened here to me. Other sites that are similarly infected in my experience include MEDIA MATTERS, TRUTHOUT, RAWSTORY, MRFF, SALON and many others. Moderators I believe are part of these infections include Disqus and Wordpress, with which long experience has convinced me they are infected with christian supremacists. Beware, be aware of your freedoms and those who control them.


You are so full of it and paranoid as well. According to you everybody wants to censor you but nevertheless you seem to have no trouble spouting your unsupported accusations about a good number of progressive sites.

Please go back to taking your medications as I have asked you to do previously. Also if you want to rant and rave against fundamentalist religion and such then please go to one of THEIR sites ( of which there are many ) because this is a political site.

Take your meds - no joke!


Trump seems to have brought out the inner fascist in a lot of Republicans. There actually seem to be a number of states now that I would be concerned about moving to because of loss of freedom. Many of these bills will probably not become law but the trend to repress protest is there in Republican country. It seems ages ago when there were actually liberal Republicans. The Republicans have now slid so far right that many have reached the edge of fascism. It is critical for the future of the US that this trend be reversed and Republicans start heading back to the center, back toward democracy. Also, they need to head back toward actual facts and away from fake news. I don’t know what could make that happen but there are some really scary people now who call themselves Republicans.


It should. This is the golden opportunity to fill the jails and start a total, non cooperation.


Here in the South it is already supposed to be illegal to cover your faces at a march. Courtesy of the KKK.


Time to start flying the flag upside down.


But in North Dakota in the winter??? Frostbite for certain.


Maybe he does need meds, but I too worry about Disqus and Wordpress. What a great tool for the thought police to flag progressives.


I wrote the article in the link below on 2 September 2004 when the Repub Convention was held in Madison Square Garden and the police arrested, gassed and removed people to a rat infested pier until the convention was over. It was published in CD.

  • I dusted it off and ran it again on 26 October 2010 when the same thing was going on during the Obamanation’s convention.
  • Now, here we go again, and the Oilagarchy has gotten a lot more sophisticated and more powerful.

Each time it has been shrugged off, and conditions have continued to worsen. I don’t know, perhaps a majority of people in this nation are comfortable living in the US Fourth Reich, which is rapidly turning into a place where one does not have to think, in fact where thinking may become illegal. Just do what you are told, and hope you can find food and shelter at the end of the day.

  • I was born eighty years ago, in a Constitutional Republic. We fought a horrible war to get rid of what we now have here. We slaughter and make homeless millions of people around the world who do not agree with us, and we are doing the same thing here, race by race, religion by religion.
  • Before they disappear off the net, download copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. Read them carefully. Compare the Declaration of Independence’s reasoning and charges for separating from England with what we endure here, now, as an “internal matter.”
  • Anyone today who is less than twenty years old has never known a moment’s privacy; has grown up knowing that there are probably spies monitoring their every word, what they read, where they go, whom they associate with. It doesn’t seem to bother them, for that is all they know! For them, that is the normal way of life and as it gets tighter and tighter, they just adjust, going along to get along.
  • In the 1940s, We the People joined together, cared for each other, and worked together to rid the world of Nazism and Fascism, to establish a world of peace, understanding, and plenty. We rejoiced when we “won” and would never see these things again. Now, we live with them every day, getting worse and worse as the new US Fourth Reich gains strength and expertise in repressive methods.
  • I won’t live to see how this all turns out, but I do hope that We the People will hold out and turn this nation around, for if we don’t, we will live and die as Hobbes wrote in Leviathan, "No arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death: and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short." …
  • Empires seem to be of shorter duration, each time one raises its ugly head, but do we want to live like this for years until it collapses of its own internal rot? Or perhaps, do we want to put our efforts into restoring that Constitutional Republic, whose Constitution has the means and ways to eliminate what is going on.
  • The choice is ours, not theirs.