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 Since When Are Democrats Afraid of Debates?


 Since When Are Democrats Afraid of Debates?

John Nichols

The Democratic National Committee needs to adapt to the new politics of 2016. Instead of constraining debate, as it has so far, the DNC should change course and encourage an open and freewheeling discourse. This is not just the right choice; it’s the politically practical thing to do.


Come on John, don't act like you don't know what is going on. Hillary can't stand up in a debate, she has too much baggage, and like Humpty Dumpty, all the King's horses and all the king's men can never a progressive or populist of Hillary make. This fiction that a lady in her seventh decade needs some kind of venue to polish her populist creds is absurd--the cupboard is bare, and it has been bare since Park Ridge. NIchols appaarently subscribes to the etch-a-sketch theory of politics, nothing is stable, nothing is real, if ills happen, etch-a-sketch em, one day a Goldwaterian, the nest a DLCer, and so it goes.

There should be debates weekly, at least, till the week before the November election, and all through the primaries. If that unlikely event/s were to happen, Bernie would win in a landslide.


Thank you, John. Very well-argued and explained. Please keep up the good work.



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Hillary has already, according her apparatchiks, locked up 20% of all the delegates needed to win. She has locked up 3 state delegations ( central committees ), too. She is confettiing " walking around money " in local and state elections, Congressional primaries and Senate races. If Mr. Nichols won't mention this very pertinent information he is not telling the whole story. Biden's entry would only dilute the pool of small donations further. Which, again, helps Hillary and hurts the others. The DLC/DNC know this. Lots of subterranean stuff going on in the 2016 election cycle and the old political hacks are saving the fat cat donor base over the real party members. Making money for bundlers, too. That's called planned extinction in political science and political journalism. With Hillary and Bill it might be the whole point of their vanity campaign. Legacy and history are enemies of the young and the new. Mr. Nichols come clear here, please.